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60X trip report: Reality dismantling

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After successfully combining freebase Syrian rue extract with Salvia extract a previous time, I was eager to attempt this combination again with a stronger dose of both the Harmala’s and Salvia. For this experience I consumed 250 mg of Syrian freebase Syrian rue extract orally around one hour before smoking 40 mg of 60X Salvia extract. The 60X extract was made personally, and extra purification steps were completed to ensure the strength and amount of Salvinorin I was consuming was accurate. Now I understand this to be an exceedingly high dose of both these substances, but I wanted to see how far I could push it as it had been a year since my previous experience.

The following experience takes place in a secluded clearing within a forest, with my eyes completely covered by blacked out goggles. By the time I reached the clearing, the effect of the harmala’s was strong enough to render my mind peaceful, sedated with little anxiety or apprehension. Furthermore, the dose was high enough to facilitate some mild psychedelic effects and cognitive distortions.
As I cleared the pile of Salvia, that indescribable yet familiar sensation swiftly enveloped my consciousness. It is a feeling that dredges up memories of past Salvia experiences, elusive when sober—a key unlocking doors within my mind, doors that remain closed until the next encounter.

“Oh, fuck this again!” I thought to myself. Instantly my model of reality was replaced with that manifested by Salvia, complete with memories, a unique cognitive construction and understanding of what it is. At this moment, this model is all that exists, nothing outside of it and timeless. The true nature of existence and reality.

Despite the monstrous intensity and chaos, the experience did not simply transport me elsewhere, but rather somewhere else came through and began to overtake and collapse reality. It seemed as though the veil concealing the mechanics holding together reality was removed, revealing an unfathomably abstract dimension that collided with our world. This collision initiated a mechanical process aimed at fundamentally dismantling reality and the cessation of the game of human existence. Both myself and the surrounding world were relentlessly dragged into a profoundly abstract and hyperdimensional machinescape which was swiftly dismantling reality and integrating back into its mechanistic structure.
During this experience, I was outdoors with closed and blindfolded eyes, which created a sensation that the physical world (or my internal model of the world) was becoming part of this machinery. It seemed as though everything, including my physical body, was undergoing a process of disassembly, deconstruction, and integration into this colossal apparatus. This “machine thing” loomed over reality, seemingly originating from a higher dimension yet presenting itself with a basic, Lego-esque and “dumb” nature suggesting a lower dimensional origin. Simultaneously, it appeared foundational and intricately linked to the mechanics behind reality.

Describing the visual aspects of this extradimensional machinescape is challenging as my perception was primarily tactile rather than visual, in the way that my model of reality was being warped and manipulated by some alternate dimension. However, it manifested with a cartoonish and Lego-esque aesthetic while also being profoundly abstract and extradimensional with machinery characteristics such as moving parts, rolling, rotating, and pulling—a representation of its supermassive nature. I must also add the child-like, puppet, 2-dimensional, and simplistic nature of it all, like myself and reality became a child’s from another dimension (or was always) where some really strange shit was happening when the entities started to play with it.

The process of reality deconstruction and transformation was under the complete organisation by extradimensional entities. Despite my attempts, describing their appearance remains elusive as they bore no resemblance to anything from Earth. However, their sheer size was evident—they loomed large enough to oversee and operate the mechanisms of this machinescape from the outside whilst also embedded within it. They seemed like overseers, managing the inner workings behind the scenes, akin to controllers orchestrating clockwork mechanics, the ones facilitating the mechanical process of turning the book or wheel, like they were working parts of their machinery. These entities communicated through a repetitive, song-like rhythm that synchronized with the mechanical movements. At that moment, their communication felt entirely comprehensible, perfectly aligning with the ongoing events, yet it was a language beyond the grasp of a sober minds comprehension. Their message seemed to convey, “Here it is, now you see everything, is this what you wanted, was it worth it?." They were mocking and ominous, seemingly frustrated but their true nature remains incomprehensible to me. In this experience there was distinctly two and they both folded and rolled up reality and the world as if integral components of their machinery. This process, unravelling everything and effecting transformation, appeared to be their inherent purpose.

Everything I have known; the entirety of earth and humanity was being processed by extra-dimensional entities and becoming part of this machinescape. The nature of this processing resembled the turning of an immense book's pages or the rotation of a colossal wheel it which comprised the very fabric or material composition of reality, which followed a peculiar yet repetitive child-like rhythm—the cadence of reality's deconstruction. This depiction captures the essence, albeit insufficiently, of how the Earth and reality were processed within this profoundly abstract hyperdimensional machinescape. This machine thing, process, and everything otherworldly that came with it was horrifically strange, abstract, child and cartoon-like while completely twisted, chaotic and intense. Amidst the experience of reality dismantling and becoming part of an extradimensional machinescape, a profound sense of inevitability pervaded—a notion that what was unfolding would culminate in the end of humanity and the entirety of reality. My prevailing thought was a realization that I had instigated an irreversible end to everything:

"Oh fuck I have done it this time, the curtain has lifted, the show is ending and the stage is being taken apart.”

I felt with hyper-realism the collective horror and resentment from all inhabitants of Earth as their existence and world was unravelling and ending by my actions. It felt as if I had committed an action akin to ending a game, but everyone except for me always knew the outcome of this action and were aware of what would happen (this) if it occurred. I could feel how everyone was feeling, “fuck it’s all over now, look what you’ve done, we have to start again”. However, interestingly, In this state, it appeared as though everyone was akin to puppets or characters in a video game, sharing a collective basic mind, reacting uniformly to the unfolding events. They didn’t seem completely human but rather cartoonish, child-like version of humans, more basic and abstract, as if they didn’t exist in consensus reality but rather in strange cartoon lower dimensional version of reality.
It led me to believe that the reality model initiated by Salvia, where this experience unfolded, is a more fundamental, extradimensional, cartoon-esque and abstract simulation of the real world, albeit rooted in the same foundational structure (i.e, same blueprint of reality but very different overall). Therefore, in a way, my consciousness was transported into another more abstract and twisted version of reality which was conceived by and overtaken by an alternate dimension (I.e., machinery, entities, and other alternate dimensional shit). A version where the fundamental truth was that extradimensional entities were deconstructing and rolling up reality and existence into their abstract machinery.

Throughout this journey, there was no lucidity to discern that this was an effect of Salvia; it all felt undeniably and tangibly real. It felt with 100% certainty that I had fucked up and now the entire world and everything in it was deconstructing back into its hyperdimensional mechanical and dimensional structure. Nothing short of experiencing the apocalypse and the end of the game first hand.
The nature of the process which was occurring resembled the unravelling of the game (representing reality and life) and a simultaneous transformation into a more abstract form. Everything seemed to regress into a rudimentary, fundamental, or lower dimension of itself. This is where the child’s alphabet, cartoon, dumb, and 2-dimensional description fits in. The word “dumb” comes to mind when I attempt to describe the nature of everything, dumb in a child-like way and in the way it is all experienced, as if my brain and cognition was reduced to a more basic processing resembling that of a child. But not only my self was reduced in this way, so was the nature of the experience and the model reality which overtook the consensus model.

Whilst I describe everything turning into a machinescape and being mechanically processed, I must emphasise the absolute abstract and alternate dimensional nature of it all. For example, at one point, these intense and dramatic transformations of self and reality led to the realisation that everything had become a day of the week as if this concept were a physical thing one could turn into. However, whilst I strongly connect with this description, the actual morphing, and transformations within this dimension was probably much more incomprehensible. At a certain point, I encountered something profoundly enlightening, which resonated within the depths of my being, and brought forth an undeniable feeling that I was witnessing something fundamentally true. “That is it, that's the truth of reality." From what I recall which is not much, it was as if through witnessing reality being deconstructed within this machinescape dimension, the illusion collapsed, unveiling its genuine nature. Reality is page of a book, a two dimensional slice, a slice of something much bigger and one of many.

After an unknown amount of time, elements of the consensus model of reality (i.e., sense of self, human memories, and model of reality) began to resurface, albeit amidst a continued maelstrom of chaotic, abstract hallucinations and influxes of extradimensional information. During this phase of "landing," I found it impossible to maintain stillness as the intense mental and physical dysphoria persisted. However, within this turbulence, I managed to lucidly catch a glimpse of how this dimension beyond and behind our reality overtakes the brain. It manipulates and alters the consensus model with its inherently alien and abstract characteristics. I observed the way this alternate dimension simultaneously overrides and intertwines with the consensus model of reality. It morphs the conventional understanding into something more hyperdimensional, convoluted, alien, mechanical, and abstract, seemingly serving as both the mechanics behind reality and a realm distinctly separate from it. This transformative process blurs the boundaries between what's familiar and what's distinctly otherworldly. It creates it’s own version of existence based on the consensus blueprint, and transforms it with is alien and extradimensional nature.

Upon returning to normalcy, my immediate exclamation was, "What the fuck was that?" I made earnest attempts to articulate the experience, yet it left me devoid of significant memories and instilled a profound sense that this encounter defied any attempt at linguistic or sober interpretation. Its absolute ineffability and intense nature rendered it beyond the scope of normal cognition and human comprehension, leaving me with only a sense of having undergone something unbelievably profound.
Reflecting on all my Salvia trips, they each have shared a highly consistent nature. I wouldn’t go as far as saying they have all been the same, although they are highly similar regarding the mechanical reality dismantling, strange extra-dimensional process and turning into a machinescape. However, although the overall nature has been the same, each new experience gradually reveals more with each new session, as if I have had the experience already and I’m slowly remembering it rather than it being something new.

Wow, amazing experience and great report. Thanks for taking the time to write it out well, proof-read and edit it. It was a pleasure to read.

Incredible experience. Reminded me a lot more of DMT than Salvia. I wonder if the Syrian Rue had anything to do with that.

I am left remembering a Hericlitus/McKenna quote . . .


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