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75 years of LSD / April 19th / Basel

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Juhu nexians,

"good news", I am leaving the cold north to visit my fellows at the "75years of LSD congress" in Basel (Switzerland).

Send me a PM if you are around!

Looking forward, tseuq
Juhu... just 2 more nights until we celebrate together in Basel. If nexians are around and want to get connected, I am looking forward to recieve your PMs!

I so wish I could go!!

Would you write a report about it after for the Nexus? I'd be very interested in reading that. Just about the conference, not about the other Nexians 😁
One part of me would love to be there, considering how immensely of an important influence LSD has been for my entire adult life. And it has always showed up for me, no matter where I have been on the planet, free of charge, ready and willing to give me yet another life-changing experience. I cannot thank LSD enough personally.

On the other hand, I don't travel anymore, at least not by air and I don't hang in crowds either, at least not by choice.

Besides that, our oldest son turns 29 on the 18th! I can't believe that in one more year he's going to be 30 years old!! And he's an incredibly awesome kid, so...

Say hello to all the LSD literati and glitterati for me!!!😉

Thank you guys! I'll deliver your greetings ;) and give my best to represent the nexus honorably.

Boom, tseuq
Thinking of you guys at the conference. Much love sent your way:love:. I hope it is the start of something positive for LSD.
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