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A 2nd attempt with the Dimitri Gods

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Hello Nexus,

Recently I embarked on a DMT journey. No break-through, but the experience was meaningful and I enjoyed it quite a bit. It started off while I was in the chat talking to some folks and they enticed me into giving the Dimitri another shot. So, I packed a little mountain on my half-smoked bowl of weed and left to the bedroom.

I must have sat for what was about 15 minutes before taking the plunge. I was very nervous going into it and I had no idea what to expect. I was expecting break-through, but that alone is what made me nervous. Would it be painful at all? How would it be? Etc etc. So after all my petty questions I felt ready. I held the bong up to my mouth, lit the bowl and started toking..

I held it in for as long as I could. It was quite the bowl in there so it was a HUGE hit. I watched the DMT powder vaporize before finishing it off. I took the entire hit in and held it for I believe around 20 seconds. After I felt it was absorbed I let it out and laid back with a big smile on my face ;) In the room there was a little crystal figure on top of a spinning light platform that changed colors. This was soothing to see as I left this world and attempted to enter hyperspace.

As I laid down I felt the familiar feeling DMT gives you. It was a sense of nothingness - as though I was no longer on a bed but in a giant soup of life. Then came the buzzing. I tried not to concentrate on it too much because I hear it can overwhelm you, so I left it on the backburner and concentrated on what was to come. I felt this intense euphoria overtake my body and envelope my senses. This felt soooo good - it truly felt like my ego was completely backing off and letting my spirit do its thing. This is something I have wanted to feel for quite some time, just the feeling of nothingness. It sounds empty, but it's oh so full of feeling. After this came the shivers.

These shivers were quite intense and hard to control. I think part of it was my body temperature, I was in a somewhat cold room (it's Canada in a northern climate at night time) and that caused me to be cold even before the trip. Regardless I stilled my body as much as possible and focused on the DMT. This is where I had the meaningful part of the experience, a conversation with the Dimitri Gods..

Me: Oh, I just remembered the DMT spirit is inside me!
Response: Yes, I am indeed here.
Me: Well, while I have you here I want to ask you some questions about my life. Am I going on the right path, am I doing the right things and making the right decisions?
Response: ********, you have been doing just fine. Continue on the way you are now and do not change anything. Soon there will be a great change in your life that will change you forever as a person, look for it.
Me: Thank you DMT spirit for your insights.

After this the voice stayed but was telling me other things, such as directions like "Close your eyes and relax I want to take you somewhere". I think I knew where it wanted me to go (general idea, not exact of course) but I was worried of what would happen. At this point I was still shivering a ton so I felt that if I relaxed myself I would go into a shiver tantrum. But it kept telling me to not worry, to relax, to be happy. It was awesome, I love the DMT spirit. It certainly is much different in its own way than mescaline or mushrooms.

After this I laid for a while looking at the amazing visuals. Then it occurred to me, I can see the web of life! I call them "the cubes". I see them on LSD too, but these were different. What caught me was I saw these with my eyes closed, and then when I opened them they were still there! These cubes were of amazing perfection in bright red, blue and green. I think yellow too. They were all the same tone of color though; no shifting involved. I could see them spinning and moving around in a brilliance of synchronization. I want to find out more about these cubes so if anyone has had a similar experience please write about it.

Also according to the voice I was also seeing hyper cubes - 4 dimensional cubes. They looked brilliant too, except instead of the odd spinning formation you see on the youtube videos it was perfect. I wasn't sure what to make of this, but the visuals were incredible!

All in all my visit with Dimitri was an awesome one. Yes, it wasn't hyper space nor any entity contacts, but I got some questions answered and managed to have a psychedelic trip during the week. I have the same feeling today as I do after taking a psychedelic - the after glow, and I am so thankful for this feeling. It's given me new life and rejuvenation that is going to help me with the coming times.

Thanks for reading my little experience with the Dimitri Spirit. Next time I take the plunge I hope to go all the way!
Hi ancientpledge,

Your description reminds me of the shores of hyperspace ... it's a big place:wink:

Keep up the good work and rewards always follow.

Happy learning.

Very nice report ancientpledge, and welcome to the Nexus :d

I know what you mean about the cubes. Did they have faces on them? I usually see them on my breakthroughs...they are usually very happy!

Also very cool that you have a 'guide'. I'm sure you will have a great time when you decide to venture further. It takes a lot of bottle to really go for it, so already you have achieved much.

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