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A/B MHRB extract pH question

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simply beautiful
I'm wondering about my extraction.
I'm trying to basify my vinegar/MHRB solution and it's not turning black... I've added A LOT of NaOH solution and it has turned dark but not black, the liquid volume is getting out of hand... The pH paper shows dark purple (~12) when wet but when the paper dries out it shows green (~9). Which reading do I use for the pH paper, wet or dry?
I think I boiled in too strong of a vinegar/water concentration..
How critical is it that the solution turns black? I can see oily stuff floating on top of the solution and it smells like spice... should I just try pulling or should I add more NaOH to try to get the solution all the way black and just deal with the huge volume?

I appreciate any input,
thanks :)
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