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A Bizarre First: Freebase Harmaloids + Spice = ANGELIC POSSESSION

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Forgive me if this messes up. Swim and I just breathed in the spirits of a certain delightful (and some times comical) herb. Needless to say I haven't breathed anything other than tobacco smoke, smoke exhaust down town is horrid, factory smoke, that Bayer(TM) factory I pass which has to be the nastiest smell when combined with that of a garbage land fill.

Anyway, my head is in the air so I wondered what would happen if I edit the subject and just change the caps lock. [I really hope it doesn't cause a double post.]


Well, it worked... I think. Oh, one last thing. Swim is under the influence of life and spirituality, with a touch of insanity, and a shake of the bum.

Alright, this is another Spice trip report by Swim. Before you begin reading it though, I must warn you, it gets pretty weird and bizarre. There are some things in this report that Swim considered removing because it was just so WHACKED OUT!!! We hope you think no less of him, I certainly don't. But it is a totally frickin' crazy nutzoid report. So anyway, try to go easy with your replies.

EDIT:Actually, Swim would like to hear the thoughts, opinions, ideas and such of others. He says, "Do not refrain from expressing yourself just because you're afraid that it might offend someone. This age of "politically correct" sometimes just needs to be reevaluated.

Sometimes one must say what needs to be said.
One who has nothing to shame takes no offense.
One who feels shame is already offended.
So, take no offense. I certainly won't.


This is what Swim had to report:

"Well, I was interested in the affects of harmala on the Spice so I made some harmaloid freebase. It's obviously not the most pure, but it works. Actually, I have discovered it works quite well. It can be a little difficult to keep lit but hit it with the flame often and it actually provides for a pleasant relaxing slightly sedative like buzz. Not bad even without the Spice. Initially, I decided to smoke the harmaloid alone just to test it out. And believe me, the diet is VERY important. More so after the fact than before hand. As long as all of your food has had time to fully digest before smoking the harmaloids then it seems fine. This basically means don't eat any of those foods with tyramine for at least 8 to 12 hours before doing the harmala. Then, after having smoked it, I don't think it is too safe to eat those high tyramine foods for at least 3 days and 5 might be better.

Just the second day after having tried the harmaloid base, I had a momentary lapse of recall and took a bite of some lasagna my wife made. I took a total of 2 small bites and let me tell you, I could feel it and it was NOT good at all. After a fashion, I think I was lucky that I was preoccupied with something else because I didn't take any more bites for about 20 minutes. At about that time was when I began to feel it. It was then that it occurred to me and I realized just what I had done. I'm not sure what all occurs when the tyramines get in your system while on an MAOI but from what I felt, I would guess that too much would definitely make one pass out and, judging from the way it made me feel, I wouldn't be surprised if it could cause dangerously low blood pressure and heart problems. I also wonder if it could possibly cause seizures. Nonetheless, those two small bites were more than enough to make me never forget.

Needless to say, I pretty much lived off of milk and grapefruit juice for the following 2 days. I have also discovered that, even though they aren't specifically on the list for the MAOI diet, stewed tomatoes should be avoided as well. Anyway, once I got over that horrible feeling, I decided it would be best to wait until I felt better before continuing with my Spice explorations. I ended up giving myself about 3 or 4 days of rest before trying anything else.

It started on a night when I was off from work and my wife was busy with homework. She has been quite busy lately. She is determined to remain a 4.0 college student and graduate as such. She was going to be up studying for quite some time so I had to entertain myself. I thought to myself, "This is as good of a night as any I guess. The kids are all in bed and the wife will be in the other room."

So I started out by mixing some of my harmaloid dirt with enough mint to keep it burning. (I call it dirt because that is pretty much what it looks like, except that it actually glows red under the black light.) I don't generally smoke in the house so I took it outside and smoked it. It seemed, at first the night was down right frigid to say the very least. But by the time I finished smoking my harmaloid joint, it wasn't so bad. It was still rather chilly but it didn't seem to bother me.

I then headed back into the house and up the stairs and to my bedroom once again. First, I rolled a second harmaloid joint. Then I pre-loaded the li'l hammer with 55mg of Spice. At this point, I set the li'l hammer and a lighter on my bed side stand and took the harmaloid joint and a towel with me and headed to the bathroom to shower. The water was quite hot. Even though it made my skin a bright sunburn red, the sting was actually rather soothing and very relaxing. The steam seemed to clear out my lungs and almost massage them from the inside. By the time the hot water began to run out and cool down, I was almost disappointed, but I knew it was time to smoke that last harmaloid doobie. So, I got out of the shower and dried myself off. I then wrapped my towel around me and headed back down stairs. I went back outside and began smoking my second harmaloid joint.

At this time, my mind was wandering back to earlier in the week when my wife and I were talking about our sex life. We've been married for about 7 years now, and any couple who has been together for almost 10 years understands that around this time, it's not uncommon to have some difficulties. Don't get me wrong, I would say the difficulties we have been having are very mild in comparison to those that most couples experience. I was married for right at 7 years once before and I believe that failed relationships from the past only helped prepare me to make it through the difficulties I would face in this one.

Anyway, the conversation I recalled had began to mold around how, sometimes a couples love life becomes drab and "just feels like sex" and not like love making. It went into further detail about some stereotypical differences between sexual relations and love making, or as she so boldly put it, the difference between making love and just plain fucking. As the discussion grew deeper it was suggested that as time passes with regular relations we begin to take each other, and our sex life, for granted. Eventually, a couple’s love life begins to suffer and even decline.

Why does this occur? Well, as we increased our capacity for understanding within our communication, we came to the conclusion that sometimes perhaps one, but probably both persons simply "forget" how to make love and so they just have sex. The next question is simple. How does one relearn how to make love? Well, to answer that I think we have to ask, "How did we learn to make love in the first place?" Well, that is rooted in adolescence and puberty. The first person that most people first make love with is the person in the mirror. So, the final conclusion was that in order to truly make love with another person, you must at least possess the ability to make love with yourself. After all, if you don't know what pleases you, how can you communicate to your partner on how to please you, and vice versa. The conversation pretty much ended with a silent agreement that perhaps we should both do a little re-exploration and find out a few answers in that area. Now, going from there, this does seem to hold truth, because it seems that masturbation just doesn't work the way it did before we got together.

But enough of the side chatter. Anyway, those are the thoughts that were going through my mind as I smoked. Then all of a sudden, it occurred to me that I was outside, there was snow on the ground, and I had nothing but a towel to cover my bum and bom. My feet were tingling and it was cold enough to make any man ashamed of his manhood, but it didn't seem to bother me anymore. By now the smoke was done, I had reinforced a very nice harmala buzz, and it was time to go back up to my room where the Spice was waiting for me.

So back inside and up the stairs I headed. As I walked through the living room where my wife was studying I heard, "You're nekid. You gonna put some clothes on?" My reply was simply, "Nah, I'm too lazy. And besides, I'm just gonna to go to bed in a bit anyway." (Actually, I had just enough harmala buzz that it actually did begin to impede my coordination but I didn't mention that.) When I closed the bedroom door I could hear the smile on her face as she said, "Enjoy yourself." I then said, "I'm gonna smoke a little Spice first." And she said, "I know, just put some incense in. That stuff always smells like mothballs." I smiled and nothing more was said.

So, now as I settled down in my bed, with the li'l Spice hammer in one hand and a lighter in the other, I began to ponder. I thought to myself, "I wonder what is in store tonight." Never having experienced harmala assisted Spice before, I really had no idea what to expect. There was a little apprehension at first. Recalling how my very first Spice trip went and remembering the intensity I wasn't sure if I would be able to keep from heaving if it were that intense for 2 to 3 times as long. Additionally, I recalled how at the end, I hurled as that spirit in the light decided to slap my ass for not respecting the elders who came before us. You can read about that here -> 65 milligrams for the very first time smoking DMT... HOLY SHIT!!!

Now, since that first time, I have experimented with lower doses (without harmala coupling). As such, I have discovered that, as long as I don't put it on ash or mint or anything else, then I don't throw up. But every time I smoke it with something else, I vomit near the end of the trip. So, I made the li'l hammer and I haven't had that problem since. I also discovered that I can successfully inhale all of the smoke from about 40-50mg of Spice in one long slow inhale from the li'l hammer. This time however, it was loaded with 55mg.

At this time, I lifted the hammer to my lips and began touching the bottom of the bowel with flame. A little smoke comes off and I inhale it slowly. I flame tap it a few more times and I inhale some more. I wasn't actually trying to inhale the entire thing at first because I knew if I had, I would get it smoking real good and waste a bit near the end because there was definitely more than would fit in my lungs in one inhale. Then as it was warming I exhaled the little bit of smoke in my lungs. I could feel it very slightly but it definitely wasn't coming on in quite the rush that it does without the harmala. So, I flamed the bottom of the bowel and heated it up and began to inhale. The Spice melted in the hammer and began to steam. I continued with one long slow inhale. Near the end when the Spice had evaporated almost completely it began to boil and sizzle for about half a second. I now had my lungs completely filled with the essence of the Spice.

This was very different from lone Spice. It wasn't nearly as overwhelming. I could feel the effects beginning in about the same amount of time, but it didn't all come on full blast within a minute. I felt it very nicely within a minute and it worked it's way up a steep climb in intensity steadily over the next 5 minutes or so and then the climb tapered off a bit. A feeling of euphoria came over my entire body. I felt a warm thick liquid like substance engulfing and absorbing my entire body. It was working it's way from my feet, to my ankles and up my legs, until it was oozing over my nether regions and then up my waist and my chest. For just a moment, as it began to go up my neck and over my face and head, it entered my mind that I might drown. I had to close my eyes and hold my breath. The essence of Spice still held deep within my lungs, I began to wonder how long it would be before I would come up for air, I found myself floating in what can only be described as a warm thick liquid somewhere between the consistency of jell-o, honey, baby oil, and that slime we used to get and play with as children.

I could hold my breath no longer. My mouth burst open and I gasped for air, but there was no air to be had. The liquid rushed into my mouth and oozed down my throat and into my lungs and down to my stomach as well. My eyes burst open and it was beauty divine. I was immersed in this clear gooey liquid floating above the most beautiful crystalline city that I could never have imagined before. Around me were the souls of ten thousand angels, floating, swimming, flying through this plasma that engulfed everything. They were leaving the buildings in the city to come to me. I saw towers of multi colored crystals reaching up, some as tall as the eye could see. I saw reds, blues, greens, yellows, and violets shimmering and glimmering all around me. Like something one might expect in a fantasy novel, only much more beautiful than ever could be described. The buildings, if one can call them buildings, seemed to have a life of their own, a spirit if you will. It was as if they were constantly giving birth to thousands of angels just pouring out of them. One after another, hundreds just flowing out of every door, window, opening or what ever portal or orifice was available.

For just a moment, I had a slight feeling of panic when the liquid filled my lungs as I knew I was about to drown. Then it was as if all of those angels came to my call, I could breath the liquid. The whole time, I could feel it coming in and going out of my lungs and I could feel it as it passed my lips and when it traveled through my nostrils. It was warming me now from the inside as well as the outside. And the angels came closer and closer. It was as if they all reached out to touch me.

With every touch of every hand and finger, or what ever it is that they reached out to me with, I could feel something I just cant quite describe. The closest that I can come to helping you understand just how it felt is to say this. Where ever they touched me, it was like an orgasm emanating from that region. I could feel every single cell writhing in ecstasy from the surface of my skin and penetrating deep until it reached my bones and traveled through my entire body. From the tips of my toes, through my legs, as it engulfed my groin I shuddered and it took my breath away. It traveled through my belly and my chest and came to my neck, my face, my lips, even my eyes and through my hair.

Another touch from another angel. Thousands of orgasms overwhelming my entire body. Traveling in the same manner from my hand, from my chest, from my back, from my cheeks, from my neck, from my arms and legs, from every part of my body where the souls of those angels reached out and came in contact with me, I could feel ten thousand sources sparking and tingling and stimulating my skin emanating outwards and enveloping my body and absorbing deep into my flesh, through all of the nerve endings, down to the bone soaking through to the marrow and throughout my entire body. One after another and hundreds of thousands at the same time. Surges of angelic orgasmic energy was emanating from every point on the surface of my skin to every cell within my body until it penetrated the greatest depths of my very soul.

And then, it began to really get intense.

I found myself now amidst a display of wavy lights that stirred thoughts of the beauty of aurora borealis. The difference being that this beauty was multiplied by the number of stars in the sky. It was as if I was in the middle of these soothing waves floating and flowing with them. As I peered more closely, I realized it was the angels that had surrounded me.

But the sight of this is not that which intensified the experience. An angel now kissed my hand. I smiled from ear to ear and I could not remove the smile no more than I could stop the sheer ecstasy or overwhelming feelings of joy and happiness. Another kiss, and another. One upon the cheek and I could hold my composure no more. I cried. With the smile still on my face and deep in my heart, I cried.

Then, I felt something that is beyond this earthly world. The loving hands of 10 billion angels caressing my body. The spiritual bodies of 10 million angels embracing my body. I was flooded with the most beautiful, most intense, emotions and feelings. My entire body trembled as angelic figures kissed me with a passion that does not exist here in this world. I could feel spiritual bodies rubbing and sliding against my own. I could feel them feeling me at every square inch of my skin, nothing left untouched or exposed. There was not a single part of my body that wasn't shivering in orgasmic bliss. And I continued to cry just as I continued to smile.

And now it became something more. My entire existence was orgasmic as a trillion angels made love to me. This feeling I can’t even come close to being able to describe. It is beyond description. Beyond understanding. Beyond anything I have ever experienced before.

Suddenly, from the origin of my groin, an energy began pulsating. It sent wave after wave of orgasm streaming through my body. From the center out, nothing was left without the purest most pleasurable orgasmic sensation. From deep inside I could feel it all as the angels began to fill my body, almost as if they were penetrating my skin and resonating from within my soul and spirit. But at the same time, they enveloped me and embraced me and cradled me. I had sensations of being in the womb, and so much more. And I was still crying, and still smiling, and the only thing I could do was lay there, floating and repeatedly uttering, "Beautiful".

Over and over again, all of this went on for a time that stood still and consumed me in the moment. Orgasmic ecstasy augmented by joyous love, multiplied by the universe, and amplified by divinity. Time came to a halt, and I existed outside of time, beyond the universe, without my body, and within my self. Pleasure beyond imagination transported me to a realm outside of life, beyond death, outside of existence, and beyond reality. At that very moment the thought did cross my mind, that should I die in the middle of all of this, then I would die a good and wonderful death.

I continued to weep. I wept in humility. I wept in humbleness. I wept in comfort. I wept in joy. I wept in happiness. I wept in ecstasy. I wept in bliss. I wept in divinity. Still smiling a smile I could not escape, I continued to weep. Beautiful, completely and utterly beautiful. Beauty beyond beauty. Love beyond love. Passion beyond passion.

Now, after an indeterminable amount of time, some of the angels began to disperse and return to their crystal abodes. But some remained. It was as if they entered me and took control of me. I could not command my own body. No matter how hard I tried, it was no longer my own to control. They guided my every movement. They manipulated my arms and legs, my torso, my head and my neck. I was a puppet and they were the puppet master. I was under their complete control. So, I submitted as I continued to weep, the smile still upon my face and within my heart. I submitted.

It was at this brief moment that I could feel the angels communicate a message to me. Prior to this, there was only feelings, emotions, and erotic energy. But now it was clear. It was as if they were saying, "Love all things. But most importantly, love thy self. For without love of thy self, there is no love at all." As an after thought, I realize and understand they were not necessarily speaking of sexual love. They were speaking of love of life, love of our fellow man, love of nature, love of ones being, love of all things.

Still under the control of angelic possession, my hands floated to my hips. Open palmed, they began to move upwards to my waist. My fingers spread wide, they glided gently across my chest, to my neck and then my shoulders. The entire time, energy was pulsating from my hands, much as it was when the angels were touching and molesting me relentlessly. My breath again, taken away. I could feel the most erotic, orgasmic energy leaving my finger tips, soaking into my skin, flowing through every muscle, vibrating my bones beneath my flesh, traveling again to consume my entire body. And then all of that energy would return to my hands where it was dispersed once again upon my flesh. Orgasm feeding orgasm, a long continuous cycle of energy and erotica flowing through my body.

My arms crossed over my chest. My hands upon my shoulders. Still without control, my hands began to slide down my arms to my elbows. Then further to my wrists until they touched each other. And for just an instance, they sparked and tingled as lightning shot out of my fingers. My hands returned to my chest. Again, fingers spread, they slid down to my stomach. With firm pressure, they went to my waist and then the lower part of my back. Further down still, I now found my hands upon my buttocks, massaging down the outer part of my legs until they came to my knees.

As my hands came to my inner thighs shivers resonated throughout my entire body. They began to move up the inside of my thighs and I could feel my hands still inducing orgasmic erotic energy as they came to my groin. Rubbing firmly and massaging in such a manner that I have never done with my self, I closed my eyes.
My hands between my legs firmly grasping my genitals, under the control of otherworldly entities, my penis was being pushed back between my legs until it touched my anus with increasing pressure. I tried to fight it but once again the angels that had possessed me communicated a very commanding thought. "Submit!" I had no choice. I had no free will. I still cried. I still smiled. I could still feel everything.

The feeling of penetration came over me. I wanted to imagine that an angel had mounted me at the same time another entered me but I knew otherwise. I felt me penetrate myself. I felt the strength and tension of my arms as they pushed more firmly. Pushing my penis deeper into my anus. Then relaxing a moment to allow it to slide out, only to push it again, and again, and again.

Tears now streaming from my closed eyes, I could only moan as my body began to contort and fold inwards with a flood of orgasmic vibration that was like the accumulation and sum of all of those feelings that I experienced throughout this entire ordeal. It was all of the angelic kisses, all of their touching and caressing, all of their passion and love, all of it compressed and condensed into a few minutes all at once.

At this point, as I began to open my eyes again, I felt the angels release me and begin to leave my body. And I cried. But now, I cried because I realized and knew they were leaving and I was returning. I watched as they floated in the direction of those beautiful buildings from whence they came. I watched as I floated away. I did not move. I had already submitted and I was not fighting anything anymore. I realized whatever was to come, would come regardless of what I do. I understood, I understand, that there is no use in fighting destiny. What will occur will occur and if you fight it, it will only make it difficult. But if you allow it to happen, then the only thing you have to do is deal with the outcome which you would have to deal with anyway. And it isn't so bad while sometimes it is so much more.

Slowly, that crystal city faded from sight and I could now see the silhouette of my bedroom and immediately I thought only of how much I love my wife and of how much more I now love myself. Gradually, the reality of where I was started to return and I began to recognize everything more easily.

I could now read the clock which read more than an hour later than the last time that I could read it. I just laid there in bed, still experiencing quite a bit of visual hallucinations but at this point I could now recognize them as hallucinations. The most relaxed and peaceful feeling had taken over my body and finally the smile began to fade from my face, but it remained in my heart. My cheeks were sore but now relaxed and blissful.

I laid there for 15 minutes more before I looked down at my body. For that quarter hour I just thought that was the most beautiful and amazing trip coupled with the most bizarre hallucinations that I have ever had in my entire live. But then it caught my eye. An empty bottle of AstroGlide was beside me and it's contents were all over my legs and chest and groin. But that was neither the most confounding nor most bizarre thing I noticed. It was at that moment I realized that the head of my penis was still in my anus.

Still experiencing visual distortions and light hallucinations, I pulled it out and got up to get in the tub. With hot water running, the level rising in the tub, I couldn't help but take notice of just how good and refreshed I actually felt. My body was light and still a little uncoordinated but I managed clean myself in spite of this. When I was finished I went to the living room, stumbling a few times on the way, where my wife was still studying. She had some Enigma playing in the CD player when she looked up at me, laughed, and said, "You were loud. I had to cover up the noise."

I went over and sat down beside my wife and put my arms around her. I smiled and said, "I love you." Then I said, "Sorry 'bout being loud." She smiled and we just sat there and while she continued with her studies I occasionally leaned over and kissed her on the cheek. This went on for about 40 more minutes before I finally decided to go to bed.

As I laid my head down upon the pillow, I could only reflect upon the experience I just had. Still feeling some of it after almost 2 hours, I couldn't get it out of my mind but I closed my eyes and went to sleep anyway.

Although the testament of this experience has already been brought to conclusion, I must append to it. It has been a number of days since I wrote this. Admittedly, I considered never posting this. Then, I even considered just editing out some of the more bizarre parts. But, instead, I give you the account of this Spice trip unedited and in its entirety. I hope that it provides some positive insight."
What a report!! good for you for being honest and sharing much appreciated!! :) Ive had kind of similar experiences though its much too fast and hard to remember think ill have to try it with harmaloid, maybe make me remember more.
I found myself floating in what can only be described as a warm thick liquid somewhere between the consistency of jell-o, honey, baby oil, and that slime we used to get and play with as children.

I could hold my breath no longer. My mouth burst open and I gasped for air, but there was no air to be had. The liquid rushed into my mouth and oozed down my throat and into my lungs and down to my stomach as well. My eyes burst open and it was beauty divine. I was immersed in this clear gooey liquid
Hey KaBong, if I remember correctly you have mentioned a liquidy feeling a few times when you have recomended Syrian Rue tea with smoked DMT, is this what you are talking about?

I have never felt any kind of wetness when in the spice trance, although I've not tried the Rue tea yet, (I have the seeds, just haven't tried em yet)

Whaoh ! Thanks for that very personal and great report.
"penetrated yourself"... nature gave you some interersting anatomy lucky man :shock:
Or was it a weird DMT feeling enhancement ?
I also always found that there is a strong connection between sex, pleasure, love and DMT
Garulfo said:
Whaoh ! Thanks for that very personal and great report.
"penetrated yourself"... nature gave you some interersting anatomy lucky man :shock:
Or was it a weird DMT feeling enhancement ?
I also always found that there is a strong connection between sex, pleasure, love and DMT

Not sure what is meant by "weird DMT feeling enhancement" but Swim thought it was just part of the hallucination until the hallucination was over and his penis was still in his anus. That is just totally whacked. Additionally, Swims equipment isn't abnormal. When fully erect it's almost perfectly strait, stands up at better than 45 degrees, is about 7 1/2 inches long and the width is just a bit bigger than that of a cardboard paper towel role or toilet paper role (without the papers on them of course). Nothing out of the ordinary. It obviously wasn't completely erect when it was where it was, and Swim is certain if he so chose he could put it back there again, but it's still just totally WHACKED.
Not sure what is meant by "weird DMT feeling enhancement"
DMT change proportion estimations, feeling of touch, making ones feel that something physically changed. Which is subjectivlt thru as long as the experient last. Hmmmpff, my friend is in a buzz state right now harmala+zolpidem+chocolat biscuit (yeah they must be avoided)... DMT soon to link all that. If only he could see the crystal city you described... never reach such coherent land except in Lucid dreaming.
The MAOIs in 3.5g Rue seed does the trick !

The common entry-phase experience for me is to feel the bed I'm on become a warm, wet liquid as the veil starts to 'appear', Warm, wet and wonderful, it engulfs me, but I have not 'breathed' it ! The warm-and-wet is an expected thing with or without MAOIs.

Previously I think I said that Rue seed softens or 'lubricates' the layers appart, the veil is a "jello-ier" thing to encounter, a softer arrival/impact... Or it is just slowed down, so you can deal with it better. ... and, now we know, maybe even have sex with the entities .!
Well, I try to undo the dualistic view point that assumes we are separate from anything experienced. I have always thought the entites were a part of myself - angels, elves and insectoids - they are all you.

They are your wet-ware's cosmic inheritance - a flock of angels that have every concern to make you love, reproduce love and give you more love ! Archetypal angels of sex ! A hoard of non-physical pieces of you, that you can 'play' with too.

On a few launches, they have done the slippery-shimmy all over me too, somehow saying that this was the closest they could ever get to me - face to face rubbing with 'angels', as we shot up a giant column of light ... sea-lion like, swimming in light.

I can totally relate to the uroboric-penetration experience when in Hyperspace, but I've never been actually, pysically doing it, or able to - maybe it needs more experimentation with a Ms swim ready to assist, hmmm ... !

I've also been sort of 'penetrated', in the early-days of this discovery, I once had 'brainlingus' while in hyperspace, offered from a mother-of-all-serpant that then 'ate' me. And haven't we all had the constant message of vibrating 'sexsexsexsex-is-all-it-is ' shown to you over and over..?

But this incredible tale shows how you can somehow 'program' the launch - look what happens if you have a tube of lube handy on the launch pad, and have a 'set' as EZ4U' described ! ..
congratulations on a fine trip and a fine trip report! in fact that's one of the finest trip reports i have ever read - rich, full, articulate, honest and very well interpreted! if i have a "trip report of the month" award i'd definitely give it to you!

by the way not many guys are able to get their penis up their bum. i've been told that it's around only 1 in 100. i tried to no avail:>
Let me get this straight. A non physical entity possesed you and then made you stick your dick up your ass and you think this was an angel? Dude, I don't think so. Just think about it for a minute. And Elka, entities, especially snakes eating you is usually a bad sign my friend, shamanic or otherwise.

I love it how you guys try to put a positive spin on something that smacks me in the face as manevolent and really rather fucked (scuse the pun). It may have looked positive but this is the seductive tricks of dmt land.

And no Elka, sex is not what it's all about, not in a long shot and any entity that tells you it all boils down to fucking definetley doesn't have your best interests at heart.
Let me get this straight. A non physical entity possesed you and then made you stick your dick up your ass and you think this was an angel?

If he said it was an angel, then it was. What makes you think that you know better than him what is or what is not an angel ?
Usually "angel" means a positive character, we can not know what he experienced. If he experienced something pleasant and positive then it was an "angel".
Or do you want to add some religious aspect about what should be an angel ?
litrium said:
Let me get this straight. A non physical entity possesed you and then made you stick your dick up your ass and you think this was an angel? Dude, I don't think so. Just think about it for a minute. And Elka, entities, especially snakes eating you is usually a bad sign my friend, shamanic or otherwise.

I love it how you guys try to put a positive spin on something that smacks me in the face as manevolent and really rather fucked (scuse the pun). It may have looked positive but this is the seductive tricks of dmt land.

And no Elka, sex is not what it's all about, not in a long shot and any entity that tells you it all boils down to fucking definetley doesn't have your best interests at heart.

LOL :lol: I only believe in the good and bad spirits we all have within us. These are just expressions of ourselves. DMT just helps bring inner and subconscious thoughts to surface, this is why ayahuasca is used so efficiently by native shaman to "exorcise evil spirits" and envelope people with good spirits. I don't think that any "entity" you encounter while on DMT is anything more than a reflection of yourself.

Nonetheless, it was far from malevolent, but it was weird and did boggle me a bit. But now that it is all said and done, I would say it was still an extremely positive experience. Believe what you like, but if I'm secure enough in my sexuality to admit something like this occurred, then please be mature enough to accept that we are all different, and this is not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, the world would be a boring place if we were all the same.
There are many words for these 'encounters' - 'archetypes' ... angels, ... demons ... your 'ancestors', the unconscious is loaded with 'beings' - they all love you, even the apparently malevolent ones need you incarnate, healthy and alive. There is a huge procreative desire in that 'dis-incarnate' spirit realm - they all want another body, a body to be in !

You know litrium, I don't think you were 'there' for either of EZ4U's or my trips - our observations are only that, nothing we could argue about. Neither of us are fearful of ourselves - and I am not superstitious... I say 'evil' is only a sickness of the ego separated from its source.

What ever our hyperspace experiences mean, if you consider that without a whole bunch of sex having already happened, none of us would be here marvelling at anything. So consider that all the body might be for is to eat, drink water and reproduce - we sleep the rest of the time. All the rest of waking-life (ie ego) is fluff, smoke and mirrors to veil away the truth.

The truth is so simple, so corny but so true - "Love" - we are all full of it, brimming with love, to make more make more make more ! There's such a flood of love that if you combine dmt, a bed, a 'sexed' set, a lube-tube setting - tah dah ! YOu get multiple Beingasms, and strange contortionist feats ! I bet you've tried to talk mrs swim into joining you eh, EZ4u'..? Imagine the potential for strange feats with TWO loving hyperspace trippers, dmt+Rue extract, a tube of lube, and a warm bed..?!

The AllThatIS incarnates itself by sex - every organism is doing this over and over again for these 'angels' or archetypes.
El Ka Bong said:
I bet you've tried to talk mrs swim into joining you eh, EZ4u'..? Imagine the potential for strange feats with TWO loving hyperspace trippers, dmt+Rue extract, a tube of lube, and a warm bed..?!

The AllThatIS incarnates itself by sex - every organism is doing this over and over again for these 'angels' or archetypes.

It would be very interesting I'm sure. The only problem is the Mrs. was subject to extreme social programming in a Menanite family that it seems that negative unwarrented guilt easily manifests, ultimately resulting in higher probability for an unpleasant trip. Although her last was sent her into tears and fears she did note that regardless of this it was a positive experience in the long run over the course of a week or so after the fact. That last was not harmaloid assisted and she has expressed interest in trying harmaloid assisted Spice but we will let her just ease into that whenever she decides she is ready.
wow my friend, hat's off indeed for going for the gold in this full out dmt trip. This is one of the most unique reports i've had the pleasure of reading. Have you told you wife what you experienced? Let her read the report? Did she give you any insight onto the type of "loud" you were being? I can just imagine the kinda sounds that came outta you during that, lol
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