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A collection of forum posts about grasses, for the potential phalaris/psychedelic grasses subforum.

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There's a few ppl who would love to have a grasses / phalaris subforum. Some of the mods seemed to like the idea, so we've thought to slowly collect the posts.
That's basically why this thread was made. Anyone can post anything regarding psychedelic grasses and especially phalaris, and I'll add it to the list.

While we're at it, can the mods chime in? 1-2 mods did answer, but what about others, would Trav approve aswell? It'd be nice to get a yes/no message from the whole of teh mod team, so then the people who'd like to work with these grasses can get going with the collecting/collaborating

A quick edit: A frequent discussion on the subject is "is it worth doing" so I would definitely love to have such a thread going on the subforum. And while the topic is controversial I would kindly ask everyone to be respectful and mindful of each other, as always :)
Not a mod either, but I would like to voice my support for this in the hopes that it won't be forgotten.

Would be nice to have a dedicated area for grass related posts.
I find the idea to be very valuable. While the Nexus seems to be moving slowly, this would be such a welcome addition. I have spent some time reading the Phalaris research threads, and the results seem to be encouraging.

There seems to be a certain air of discouragement of Phalaris use and research, instead advocating for reliance on 'easier' and more predictable tropical plants. However, not everyone has access to appropriate conditions for growing a tropical tree (or, let's be honest, any tree) - it's not just a question of 'laziness'.

And on the other hand, the DMT community's reliance on imports have led to MHRB now being monitored in the EU at almost comparable levels to Cannabis, even on the internal market. :!: I remember how people used to talk about a worst-case scenario regarding attention from law enforcement back when I joined the Nexus. Well, that worst case scenario has come to pass. According to a legal help website, there are over 1000 active criminal cases in Germany involving the attempted import of DMT-containing tropical root barks. An ayahuasca ceremony leader I knew in Eastern Europe went to prison for ordering plant material from the Netherlands. Finding a 'next under-the-radar plant to import from South America' won't solve anything. Also once they have started testing root bark for N,N-DMT, the exact species doesn't really matter anymore, does it? :cry:

I have faith in Phalaris research, and eventually Phalaris TEKs for getting our DMT from our immediate surroundings. Keep up the good work, and let's not drop the ball for some new 'legal-ish' tropical plant matter this time. :love: If we can't find DMT in nature where we live, we don't have DMT.

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