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A different form [SHE idea]


Rising Star
Gosvami spake thus
"it would by great we could arrange, that everyone, who join the worldwide event, would smoke it just in that moment, then the sun is raising in the place, where the individual participant is living :
imagine, the power of the spice arises in synchrony with the ray of the sun, touching the earth….. "

So, what about

sooner or later, we try

sorting people by timezone, and on a scheduled date
Each timezones participants launch at dawn
So, it progresses around the globe, in one huge circle, an earth wave of DMT carried by the morning sun...

just a thought for a bit of variety, although I know everyone wants to sort out lots more events along the same lines as the prime
This should be done in the year 2012 on the first day at midnight (or perhaps December 21 2012). 2012 is said to be a very important spiritual year by many people. Imagine the impact that knowledge would have on your mind set and how that would affect your trip!

(I just noticed something odd...my user name is 69ron, and I apparently joined this forum on 6/9/2008...hmmmm...I honestly didn't do that on purpose.)
Big Inhale said:
If you smoke DMT @ Dec 21 2012 11:11pm you would have to be at the mayan temples. Now that would be the shit

YEAH! That would be awesome!!!! I bet it will be crowded there.
I think it would lead to an amazing trip. You'd probably meet some Mayan Gods. Talk about awesome!

I'm not a believer in the 2012 thing, but I still think it would be AWESOME. When in hyperspace much of your beliefs go out the window, so with 2012 floating in your head next to a Mayan temple...wow...imagine the trip you'd have!!!!
I think just the amount of intent focused on that day will cause something to happen!

I vote we all do entheogens on that fateful day!
I dont know if this is a good idea or not but i think it would be kinda cool.

By the time 2012 rolls around it will give some of our members time to save $ and we can all meet up at some mayan temple for an aya ceremonie.I think it would be kinda cool.Although i dont know if it's really realistic but still an idea.
Reality starts from within the imagination. We dream of flying, and then build airplanes. We dream of lighting our nights and then invent the light build. We dream of having shelter away from the cold and then build homes.

We basically live in a modern world that is created by human imagination.

Believe me, we are not the only ones thinking about 2012. People all around the world are thinking about going to the Mayan temples in 2012. I am without a doubt going and brining my family as well.

I think we should get this to happen on a very large scale and prove to the rest of the world what the entheogen using community is truly made of. Most users of entheogens are highly respectable people that are very resourceful and very productive members of society.

All we need is a date and time for this to happen. Spread the word around the world via the internet and it will happen. Post about it on every respectable forum you visit.

You’ll be surprised at how many people are thinking the same thing we are right this very moment. Probably every single entheogen user around the world that knows about 2012 and the Mayan culture would love to be present. Even those like myself that do not believe in the 2012 thing are going there just for the experience. It’s a once in a life time experience. 2012 will never happen again. Of all the most interesting dates to visit the Mayan temples 2012 has got to be at the top of them all.

I’m sure there will be a flood of people there, more than you can imagine.

As sure as I am that nothing spectacular will happen in 2012, I am also sure that it will be a big social get together for all interested in the subject of Mayan culture and entheogens. I will be there, so will my family. It’s 4 years away. I have plenty of time to arrange the trip.
count me in.

I have yet to see the mayan temples and pyramids as it is and to be there in accordance to the mayan calender will be HUGE.

To coordinate a "gathered" hyperspace event,i see it as my duty as an ethneogen enthusiest to spread the word.

I dont know what i believe in regard's to 2012,although T. Mckenna's speach (in mckenna's land),did strike a chord with me.

I also believe the human race is in for a big suprise that could hopefully unite all people on this earth and i'm not nessisarily speaking of apocolypse. I think there is "something else" out there that will reveal itself to us and change the way we think about our existance and who we are as humans.

Thats just my opinion. Who knows?
Sorry, if my post drifts up into off-topic, but I have to say:

Yes, it would be great, if we could celebrate “the big event” 2012 at chichen itza . but our personal wishes and hopes (and fears) count nothing in the end in view of “the resolutions of hyperspace”. That’s something we can learn from our dmt-journeys, can’t we?

And planning our holiday, a journey to Mexico, visiting a big party is one thing.
But living our (daily) life in agreement and synchrony with the “laws” of hyperspace is the other thing, which is much more difficult. Because our world is out of balance and humans don’t treat each other, how it was expected originally and our convictions and behaving differs from behaving of the “citizens of the intergalactic community”…

Then we go into hyperspace the “aliens” are in a sort of big excitement and joy, that we are visiting their place, seeking teachings from them, how to live and behave “in the right way” in “our real world”. And they don’t hesitate to show us their plan …
And we go back into “reality” and what are we doing? we just go on like before. Playing the same stupid games, believing the old paradigms and dogmas, it’s a shame, it’s a tragedy, isn’t it!

It is a tragedy indeed , because things WILL change and hyperspace WILL come true and the more our personal, social, national and international circumstances differs from the way we are expected to live in near future (2012???), the more the changes will be extremely shocking and traumatic, and not “a great party” at all…

Sorry, but this is the truth!
If you can’t stand this, believe that you can live forever in “the peace and safety of our today's lifestyle”. But don’t be surprised, then you recognise some day, that your personal believes and wishes means ABSOLUTELY nothing…

Whaetver happens its a part of life.

It's how you live you life that matters.

death/rebirth is a seems to be a constant theme to many dmt travellers. So mabey 2012 we go to the neext level but atleast i'm gonna have a good time while i'm here.

Gotta run and go to work and try to apply my principals of living in a hostile work place :d
And we go back into “reality” and what are we doing? we just go on like before. Playing the same stupid games, believing the old paradigms and dogmas, it’s a shame, it’s a tragedy, isn’t it!

This is not true for everone. Spice has changed me. I am more alive, more spiritual, more loving than pre-spice. Aya has an even better track record of changing people for the better. It is the medicine of true healing.
A gathering can be very different from a party.i have meditated at an ashram w/ over 200 people and the energy was amazing.So dont mistake a spiritual gathering with a keg party because thats not what i meant.
Ok. I believe in your pure intention. We shouldn’t work with such substances without a pure heart or we will learn nothing from them. Just wanted to be provocative, sometimes I’m a sort of malign clown *;-)*
Ohh that would be so amazing, all of us here at the nexus meeting each other to share ceremony on 2012 at a mayan temple..

I think that 2012 could be the embodyment of our hopes and dreams finally realized by society to a point where they become undeniable... and its our own hopes and dreams that humanity as whole projects out there, culminating into one big epoch like a tractor beam drawing us towards that realization.
On a spiritual day like the equinoxes or solstice I could see doing aya for it's deeper lessons. SWIM has an aya analogue which may work for this, but he hasn't had the right set and setting to do it properly.
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