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A Familiar Place

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Music is alive and in your soul. It can move you.
A Familiar Place

A few days ago, some of my ps tampanensis truffles were harvested (I'll update that thread soon) and I decided to try 12g fresh to test the waters/potency. This roughly equates to 4g dry if my understanding that truffles are about 70% water is correct.

I munched on them around 7pm. The taste was interesting, almost nutty and reminded me of what a fully colonized cake smells like. The flavor lingered in my mouth for a while but I found that cranberry juice did a nice job of not only masking the funky taste, but made ingestion easier overall. I sipped on this juice throughout the experience.

I'll try to keep this short as it wasn't anything completely mind blowing. It was more contemplative and introspective rather than visually stunning. I'd place it somewhere between a level 1 and level 2 trip. Probably a 1.8 if you want to get specific...

It started hitting me about 1 hour after ingestion. There wasn't an intense come up that I am used to with cubes but that is likely dose dependent. The first thing I noticed were tracers while I waved my hands around. Wiggly/breathing floors/walls and the like were present too. The head change was the most pleasant and familiar feeling. I felt revitalized and content with life in general. I couldn't help but smile, constantly.

After about two hours, it was starting to get going a bit more intensely. There was definitely a strong physical sensation coursing through me. I guess it was the mushroom spirit/energy and it was quite euphoric, to say the least.

I haven't been on a mushroom journey in years so a very nostalgic feeling was emanating throughout me during the course of the experience. It was beautiful. It is something I have missed for so long. I am very thankful to have it back in my life and that is the greatest understatement I will make in this post.

Since I was only testing the waters, I had "Friends" playing quietly in the background so every once in a while I would focus on the show and get a good, wholesome chuckle. I also played my acoustic guitar here and there which...well, it is hard to describe the connected feeling I had with my instrument. My fingers knew no bounds, they just played as I watched them do their thing. Very rewarding indeed.

The last important point of this trip is when I went outside for a small walk around the house. It is cold here but nothing beats being outside when partaking in mushrooms, even if it is only for a few minutes. I have seen the same scenery over and over since I moved here but when I stepped out this time, it was like stepping into an ethereal version of my neighborhood. It looked much more "real" and alive than it normally does. Watching cars zoom by (my house is fairly close to the street) was comical and almost nonsensical...they all had incredible tracers following them.

Finally I decided I was getting cold and went back inside. I laid on my bed and continued playing my guitar for a while as it gradually tapered off. Overall, the trip lasted about 5 hours but I didn't fall asleep until about 3am but that is partly because my GF had a late shift and she didn't get home until after 1am so we sat up and talked for a while.

I guess the point of writing this is because I had almost forgotten the wonderful, introspective qualities mushrooms/truffles bring to me. Their healing potential is immense. I am glad to have found myself within its loving arms once again. This trip was solo but my GF and I plan to take a deeper journey later this week. Assuming all goes well I will be writing up that report as well. These reports are really just a thought organizer but if you read all this, I thank you for your time. As always any thought are quite welcome.

Have a good one guys!

-The Grateful One-
The Grateful One said:
I also played my acoustic guitar here and there which...well, it is hard to describe the connected feeling I had with my instrument. My fingers knew no bounds, they just played as I watched them do their thing. Very rewarding indeed.
When you're there, right there, the instrument is no longer in your hands, it holds you instead and your hands are no longer yours, but an amalgam of every pair of hands playing in perfect unison. A portal opens up at that point, and you are no longer the player, but the audience.

Nothing in this world beats that particular flow state.:)
I couldn't agree more! I love how mushrooms dissolve that self critical pressure I place on myself when playing normally. It allows me to be more creative and brings new meaning to "going with the flow."

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