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A Fistful of Spaghetti Worms Pressed Against the Lens of Vision

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So SWIM got another e-mail from the same spam address! Apparently it follows the last email SWIM received, here are its contents as it seems appropriate for a place such as this:

11:37 am, Sunday.
After a first hit did nothing and a pause for waiting, I took a second hit, which brought on this short scene:

Another scary one. I laid back in my bed and tried to relax but instead felt like my throat was somehow being crimped, which made a knotty area in the folding and weaving behind my eyelids. I was aware and tried stretching it out and such to no avail. Tried thinking of a green meadow with blue skies, but this didn't help at all either. I just wanted to get away, but told myself to face the disgust. Dunno if it was me or the vision fading, but I realized it means nothing inherently - being entangled is part of spaghetti noodle's nature. It felt as though it was being squished against a glass plate in front of me, but I soon got the idea that this was just its way of loving and embracing. I almost felt the noodles gently nuzzling me. The vision was fading, however.
I realized then I am holding on and need to let go. Same feeling of disgust is what blew my mind last night upon seeing my black skirt and MP3 player consisting entirely of red weaving material. Speaking of which, the cool, comfortable sweaty cold after last night was SO refreshing - it was like being born again. Can there be a better gift? Truly, perception is all.

11:40 am, Monday.
Sitting on the edge of the bed != comfortable. This only causes bad trips as when I lay down it is uncomfortable and only makes me beg myself things like, "Why the fuck did you do this again?", "Maybe this just isn't for me anymore..", "I don't much like this at all..I was wrong."

DMT is so FUCKING amazing. I thought I had prepared my set and setting properly, but once again I was overlooking simple things! I was sitting on the edge of my bed, and when I laid back it was uncomfortable and only instigated bad trip sensations. After scooting back to really be in the bed, I saw my walls doing the usual tryptamine dance - slight overtones of fear and acceleration overwhelming everything so that I did nothing but close my eyes.

The swishing, oh how I love it sometimes, but not this time. I quickly got images I didn't like - I saw liquids being poured into a five gallon bucket and knew not why - just that I was repulsed and wanted to have no part in it. I turned my head over and flashed my eyes open to force a switch and saw the swirling pattern had a more focused area - and it was STUCK on my vision like a floater! I could look around and no matter what it was in the same 'area' just swirling and swishing. I saw the beauty in my blinds and the oh so BEAUTIFUL sunlight shining through it and began to think about how poorly I explained the spice to my friend on the phone - the best thing I did was stop trying and told him to look it up online. I closed my eyes once again, and I got the idea that perhaps these worms were the extension of a larger, cohesive being. I got feelings like the arm of an Alex Grey human - the worms were made of him, and they were full of love. I realized that they were filling in every possible crevice of everything, and that it was how they expressed love, FULLY INUNDATING impossible to hide from love. I giggled and loved them back, feeling amazing as I watched one of the worms twist and move towards my face - the trip ended as it touched my nose, warm sensations passing over. This was especially intriguing as the nature of the images always has a 3 dimensional appearance, but it never actually CAME FORWARD before and the cute warmth as it touched my nose and it all disappeared was awe inspiring. I opened my eyes and sat in the euphoric afterglow for a bit - remembering THIS is why I did all of this.

As when I was on the edge of the bed I got the same old thoughts of, "Maybe this isn't for me anymore..I don't much like this at all..I was wrong." I was wrong because I had ill prepared. I then tried to take a second hit - since this was only after one instead of two again, but it was a waste if anything. I didn't reload the buddy for the second hit though, was only running off spice that was already in there - I think it was tolerance still though. Could be wrong, seems it vapes rather fast except I have noticed a small splotch of black residue - I take it these are impurities - maybe I shall start purifying more for buddy bowls..
Wow I really wish I could meet them with such a joking manner! The intensity and threatening-ness of them was so overwhelming. Once I passed the fear stage it was possible, but oh god, spaghetti worms are merely words to attempt to explain them. I suppose one could also see them as an ocean of hands, grasping at you threateningly - but completely foreign, you are at THEIR mercy, they are everywhere, even you are one of them, and if you try and escape this fact you find yourself like a fly on flypaper, stuck and now stuck even more in their grasps.

They really are only worm like in the same way that liquid is worm like. If you take a spoon and push it flat-wise through a body of water (or even a solvent mixture!) you may notice that on both sides of the spoon, the water curves over itself with almost a worm-like motion. It's very similar to that effect, which is only visible for a portion of a second when the spoon is moving at the apex of its speed as the water starts folding in on itself.

SWIMfriend hit the nail on the head, the SWIMs can make it difficult to read such things so I'm glad to get spammed such interesting emails, better than an infinite sea of ENRICH YOUR LOVE LIFE TODAY and viagra ads!

On the noodley appendage, I think it is interesting to note that while the worms became the 'veins' of the Alex Gray painting figurine, it was only one vein or worm individually that touched my nose. It had the appearance somehow more of an octopus in how it was bending and contorting itself, it seemed then that each worm was individually sentient yet they behaved as though they were all one in the same - which goes rather hand in hand with everything else the spice has shown me. After I was no longer threatened by them, when they were filling any conceivable spatial crevice my mind could create, it was very much like a fluid, which if you have a knotted up enough big ball of spaghetti, it does sort of do that anywho. I always find it amazing how similar solids, liquids, and gases all behave under the proper conditions.

I wonder their relation to the elves, hopefully more emails will come soon!
Everyone sees the worms. They are part and parcel of the whole ego disintegration process on DMT. We are all spaghetti worms. And that is fucking hilarious. The higher you dose on oral DMT when you're in the wormy state, the brighter and brighter it gets until your entire close eyed lansdcape is pure white light and you are in complete ego death.

If you want to go far, brew up a rue/mhrb tea, get started with around 3g of rue and 5g of mhrb, wait till you come up and it's definitely there then drink a tea made from 50+g of mhrb. The rush is ridiculous and what follows is incredible. You can also chuck more rue in which will add a guiding spirit to the trip. As long as you drink rue tea slowly and over time, it won't overpower and sedate you. The thing about rue is that there is a sweet spot whereby it makes you insanely energetic then you suddenly get an abrubt drop towards sedation if you dose just a little bit over.

better than an infinite sea of ENRICH YOUR LOVE LIFE TODAY

That's essentially what DMT does anyway. :)
Awesome response! Thanks much for the advice, great aya info - I've done it before and discovered a neat trick whilst riding in a car (NOT driving) past a certain threshold speed if you lean your head back so your nose faces forward your head resonates an insectoid tone but think I needed more DMT in my hindsight.
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