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A Guide To Creating Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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I always wondered how feminized seeds were produced, and started doing some research to find that it is actually not a hard process. As there seems to be no info here, I thought I would share the process that I found with the community.

The process is as follows.

First, you need to make a coloidal silver solution. This can be purchased at health food stores, or you can easily make your own. First I will explain how to do this.

You will need a few items to do this;
9v battery
Two wires with clips on the end and exposed wire on the other end
A glass container
And 2 silver coins.

1. Tie one wire around the negative node on the battery, and one around the positive end.
2. Clip one wire to a silver coin, and the other wire to the second silver coin.
3. Place the two coins into your glass container, and fill with water.
4. Allow to sit for 24 hours.
This will cause the electric current to travel from the battery to one coin, and disperse through the water to the second silver coin, and back to the battery. The electric current between the two coins will remove silver ions from the coins and into the water, creating the coloidal silver solution. After 24 hours, disconnect the battery and remove the coins from solution.

The next step is to use this solution to create feminized seeds.
For this you will need;
2 female Marijuana plants
Coloidal silver solution
Spray bottle
Something to collect pollen with and distribute it on a plant.

1. Take a female Marijuana plant that has just been switched to flowering period, before any signs of sex begin to show. Remove it from any other plants to a separate area, so that the other plants do not get sprayed on accident.
2. Spray this one plant with the Coloidal silver solution and allow it to dry before placing it back with the second female plant.
This female that you sprayed will not produce buds, it will now instead start producing pollen sacks. This pollen will only contain XX chromosomes, and no Y. This is because it has the genetics of the female, which does not carry a Y.
3. After left to flower for a while, you will be left with a female plant that has pollen sacks instead of flowers. Collect this pollen however you see fit.
4. Use this pollen to pollenate another female plant once it buds. This will cause seeds to be produced in your buds. (You don't have to pollenate the whole plant. Seeds will only be produced where you place the pollen, as long as there is not a lot of air flow to blow the pollen around the grow space).
Since both parents are of female genetics, there is no possible way for any resulting seeds to have male genetics. All seeds produced this way will be feminized.

It is important to note that any part of the plant that receives the silver solution is not safe for consumption. This is why we remove it from the grow space to spray it and allow it to dry. Your bid that produced seeds will be OK to consume however, it will just not be as potent since it was allowed to seed.

This process will allow you to collect large amounts of female seeds, and keep your harvests going time after time with no worry of male plants being grown. It is also a great way to cross different strains and produce your own genetics.

I hope people find this useful and any feedback would be greatly appreciated. I have yet to try this out myself, but plan on doing so in the near future to start creating my own cross breeds.

Happy growing!
Really cool, thank you. I'll try this with some Master-Kush soon. Will report, if it worked as it is supposed to. :)
The CS method is said to less effective than the standard silver thiosulfate (STS) method (according to "Enzyklopädie der Cannabiszucht - Fachbuch der Hanfgenetik")

From a quick googling, that's one of the first hits:

steppa said:
Interesting, thanks. I'll give it a try anyways, as I have the stuff lying arround now.
Sure, don't forget to make a pictorial report for the Nexus. :)
Yeah, why not. :)

On other locations I read to spray the plant multiple times. This TEK doesn't say so. Hm...I guess 'll spray multiple times. Better safe than sorry. :p
Sprayed it multiple times. Used 50ppm coloidal silver solution. Didn't work in the slightest. Plant is making buds now.
steppa said:
Sprayed it multiple times. Used 50ppm coloidal silver solution. Didn't work in the slightest. Plant is making buds now.

Maybe try a higher concentration? I was going to try it out with 100ppm. Never got around to it though due to funds.

A lot of people have done this and reported success, so I'm curious why it didn't work.
I've used silverthiosulfate works great and doesn't cost much. I started making feminized seeds in 2003 or 04. There was a lot of discussion of sts on an old site called cannabis world which is long gone. I've worked with colloidal silver and it won't work on most plants, the plants that I have seen it work on are not good for making fem seeds with due to intersex genes. A book called Advances in Hemp Research by Ranalli talks about cannabis sexuality cost $90 us when I bought it.
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