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A little bit about me!

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Hello Everyone!

My name is Zach. I am 38 years old. I just stumbled upon this forum a few days ago and I really like it. I'm here because I have a strong desire to interact with good people who just "understand."

I am in the midst of experiencing what I can only describe as a spiritual awakening or a mental shift of some sorts. A few months ago I took a trip to Sedona, Arizona and it feels like "something," in my being has been unlocked and fully opened. It is actually very exciting and it feels like there is an entire universe of possibilities and experiences ahead of me. Certain little things make so much more sense to me now. It's a mystery.

I have never used Psilocybin,DMT, Ayahuasca or any other substance, but I plan on it when the time is right. I want to learn learn learn at the moment!

I have learned that I am the textbook definition of an Empath. (If you look in the dictionary, you will see my face there!)

I have been a plant enthusiast for many years. I have grown many things. I have favorite plants, but it seems as if I have been somehow drawn to growing many new plants.

I am currently growing the following plants:
African Dream Root
Jiaogulan(Gynostemma Pentaphylum)
Chacruna (Psychotria Viridis)
Concord Grapes
Russian Tarragon
Salvia (May Night strain)

(I tried growing Damiana, but my seeds were duds! I am looking to buy a starter or some cuttings one of these days.)

I just purchased the following plants and I am waiting on them to arrive:
Aztec Dream Herb
Sun Opener
Caapi (Cielo strain)
I have plenty of room for more plants......and I am totally open to suggestions!

My intentions are to learn these plants forwards and backwards......and maybe teach others somewhere down the line.

My username Stonecircle was inspired by 4 stone circle plant beds that I built on my property.

So there ya have it.....a little bit about me.

I promise I'm not a a hot-headed idiot or an internet troll that's looking to spam or disrupt the forum! :)
Welcome Stonecircle.

This is a wonderful forum for all things psychedelic. We are generally a like minded bunch that can probably relate to what you are going through with an awakening or mindshift at one point.

The plants can be great teachers and is even more rewarding when you can build a relationship with them from seed to harvest. Sounds like you already do that though, and sounds like you have a hell of a garden going.

Plenty to learn here, and the nexus is full of knowledgeable people that are willing to offer up advice on just about anything. Be sure to check the attitude page out, this is how the forum stays a respectable place to learn and share knowledge.

Again welcome friend, and enjoy everything the nexus offers :thumb_up:

Thanks for the reply, SO2!

Totally stoked to be here!

I went over the attitude section a few hours ago. I definitely get it! :)
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