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a method to find relief from any pain,anxiety,nightmare,etc... instantly

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Summary: Devalue them.they are not important.

every feeling we have,every good or bad thing we know,starts after we give attention to something and after we valuate them,and the intensity of what we feel about them is dependent on how much worth we put in it.
so if we reverse this mechanism,we can feel free from all of them.
meaning you should not pay attention to them and convince yourself that those bad things are not actually important and you were exaggerating them,there are plenty of rational reasons and arguments you can find to convince your self in this method.
for example lets say i have a bad headache,i can think with myself that why i am giving so much attention to my headache?is it really that bad?(don't permit to say yes to this question).
you can think(its not only a thought but can be the reality) these methods bellow to get relieved:

1-maybe its not that bad?actually there is no real concept as Good or Bad.people usually make these judgements to reach whatever their goal is.so don't believe it and you'll feel better.
2-maybe it has some benefit for me which i don't know yet.we think them as harmful but what if we were wrong?
3-maybe its my best situation i can ever be(even if you feel bad!),and i shouldn't or i can't change anything,so better to forget and don't make pressure to change them.this may give you despair if you believe your situation is bad,but if you make yourself free from defining good/bad judgements,then you can sense the best feeling in the world easily and instantly!

i wrote them in a doubtful style to remind you,you have free will,its your choice if you want to feel better and get free from your pains,or you want to believe the reality is a rigid cruel definitions that is created to harm you.(do you think its reasonable actually?)
and i have tested this method i am using it for my life.
people never think if currently they are at the best situation in their life,they think best feeling should be so special and magical,so they always chase a non existent feelings which puts them in a wasting time cycle.
this method is the best set and setting i know so far.

Hint: Love is dangerous.when ever you love something there is a fear of losing it developing hidden in your mind.next time when you start to love something please remember it can go opposite.
if you need a quite and calm life with no anxiety,then i think you need to remove all loves you have in your heart.but we can like a little to have our hobbies but as your like grows more,it can get more and more painful in the future.

Copy Left:feel free to copy where ever you want.
You don't need anything to be happy.i exist therefore i am happy.(being happy doesn't mean i love my existence,cause then losing it can be my worst nightmare,so to prevent future pains we need to lessen our tendencies and maybe its better to say:i am happy no matter what is happening)

Along those lines..

for a psychological trauma of the past I tell myself: the whole universe, all of existence, did a wonderful job in burying it in the past, only 'me' is able to reproduce it's echo's into the now, to bother about.

Things get different if one lost for example a leg in a trauma, it's harder to put that in perspective. But is it? I must have been 16 or so witnessing 4 joyfully playing dogs in a field, oh what a fun they had. Then I noticed one of them had only 3 legs. That 3 legged dog seemed to have most fun of all. I thought "shouldn't that dog not be discontent?" It did not! That was a lesson I took dearly.

However the most difficult things I find to leave in the past, not letting those affecting my todays, are guild feelings. :?:
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