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A New Method

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Hello everyone!

I have been using a new method of ingestion which I have read veryyyy little about, I think I’ve seen one post on a different forum about this method, and I believe I’ve even tweaked it a little bit from what he was explaining. Anyway, I’ve had tremendous success from this technique. One hit breakthroughs on multiple occasions, smoother than anything I’ve ever tried, and I’ve tried multiple different ways of ingestion. This method is by far, without a doubt, my favorite.

It requires:
-variable wattage vape
-vape atomizer
-4mm coil (or bigger)
-certified organic cotton pads
-pair of scissors
-zero mg nicotine juice (nicotine free, any flavor)
-and of course your spice

Pros: I have been using the same coil that I built for about 20 different journeys with no signs of needing replacement, so I believe the coil will last me years. No need to charge the batteries in the variable wattage vape since a breakthrough dose is achieved in as little as one hit. It tastes good! There’s is no harshness in the throat or lungs at all. Literally nothing.

Cons: it is somewhat tedious if you have no experience with vapes. Only one dose at a time (subjective con, I don’t mind this), and that’s all I can think of at the moment.

Overall it is an extremely pleasant experience taking it into the lungs. It is also a very efficient technique.

Here’s what I do...

- take the organic cotton pad and peel off the outside layers. There is a small layer of more densely packed cotton on the top and bottom of the pad that are easily peeled off and should be noticeable.

- carefully pull off about an inch wide piece of cotton and position it as if it were a small rolling paper... this is where your spice will go.

- place spice onto the cotton, spreading it out only as wide as the coil is. You also want to make sure that the pile isn’t too bulky, so some smoothing out of the spice might be necessary.

- begin carefully rolling the cotton like you would a joint, not too tight, not too loose. We want this “cotton / spice joint” to be able to slide into the coil just right... not too snug, not too loose... seems to be the theme so far :)~

- twist one end of the cotton joint up. This might require gently pulling a small amount of cotton off of the end to make the end of the “joint” less bulky, resulting in a more narrow twisted point.

- slide the cotton through the coil with the spice positioned DIRECTLY inside of the coil, snip off the excess cotton tails at about the width of the atomizer, tuck the remainder of the cotton inside of the atomizer.

- saturate the coil and cotton with nicotine free ejuice (any flavor will work fine), pop the top cap on and you’re ready to fly!

It is also important to know that you do not want very much airflow from the atomizer... so if you can adjust the airflow, just close is off almost all the way. Also, the coils resistance is reading at 2.5ohms and I run it between 38w-42w with spectacular results.

I sure hope I described this technique well enough.... I will attach pictures showcasing every single step of the process. Please let me know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns!

Safe travels :)


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