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A Night To Remember : Her Perspective

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Music is alive and in your soul. It can move you.
A Night To Remember

I woke up with anticipation as we had been planning this for a couple weeks. Well, to be honest, we have been planning this ever since I decided to try my hand at stone making 6 or so months ago. I peaked out the window and saw that it had snowed during the night. Beautiful. As I walked to work for my 5am shift I pondered how gorgeous the landscape was going to look later on. Needless to say, I had butterflies in my stomach all day...the good kind, not the nauseating ones.

Fast forward to 2pm and I was finally able to leave work. I called my GF and told her to meet me at the local art shop so we could pick up a few supplies. Paper, paint, paint brushes, markers, posters, colored pencils, etc. etc. We wanted to have a colorful night in more ways than one. Everything was as it should be. We trekked back to the house in the snow musing about the anticipation.

Now, the remaining recently harvested truffles had been dried. I see why the are called stones now. I weighed out 8g for me and 8g for her of the rock hard truffles. We submerged them into a glass with a small amount of water to soften and re-hydrate them obviously to make them easier to eat. After about 30 minutes they were ready. The stones themselves were not all that bad and as I mentioned in the last mushroom report, cranberry juice does a great job of masking the flavor. The leftover water was the nastiest part. It was exactly 4pm when we finished ingesting them.

Now that the stones were all gobbled up, it was time to play the waiting game. Back when I used to eat mushrooms on a regular basis, I liked to play something positive on the TV to keep my mood elevated and to keep my mind off of the come up. I used to watch Daniel Tosh's Completely Serious stand up routine but this time we went with "Friends" as I did the last time a few days ago. The show is hilarious to say the least and it kept us grounded as it started to come on.

I found that I could not sit still and that I was getting cold. My body would vibrate and tremble at times as we cuddled under the blankets, laughing hysterically here and there and trying to share our body heat. I asked her if she was feeling it as she had not eaten anything before this journey.

"Yeah, I feel really strange, babe..." she said.

This was about 35 minutes in to the experience. I had eaten about 8 hours before so it wasn't hitting me quite as hard as it was her. But it was definitely hitting me. Colors began emerging from nowhere...laser like purple honeycombs designs are what I noticed the most. The canvas paintings hanging in our bedroom were becoming more pronounced and 3D like. Popping out of place and wiggling around and then going back to normal. I could only think of the Mad Hatter yelling, "Change Places!" as if the scenery in the room was obeying these commands. It was a bit absurd but beautifully hilarious at the same time.

Last time when I was testing the waters, the come up was almost non existent. This time was a lot different probably due to the larger dose. It kept turning up the volume until we reached 11 which is where it started to smooth out. It was like popping through a barrier of some sort. My circulation returned to normal-ish and I was finally getting warmer. I felt very peaceful and alive. Very alert yet in a dreamlike state. As the hippies say, "It was getting heavy."

I turned and looked at my lady, her eyes were the size of the moon. She giggled at me and tossed and turned around on the bed and pounced on me for a giant bear style hug. It is hard to describe the closeness shared with her. Almost as if we had become one person. This was it. This was important. This was going to be a night we would remember for the rest of our lives. We both felt it right then and there and it was so surreal that it made me want to cry with tears of joy. Of course the only thing I could muster up was a big ol' goofy smile which would be plastered on my face for most of the night. My cheek muscles are hating me today...haha

Now, we had quit cigarettes back in October of 2014 but we decided that some communication with the tobacco spirit(s) would be alright for a night. So she gazed at me and said, lets go outside. I couldn't help but be overjoyed! As I mentioned earlier, it had snowed a couple inches the night before so everything was covered in it.

Now, I'm sure many of you know how difficult it can be to get yourself out of a warm bed to get bundled up to go look at snow...even on a sober level. But throw mushrooms into the mix and now you have yourself in an adventure. It took us a good half hour or more just to find clothes to put on and another 15 just to actually get them on. Laughing the whole time! We have a walk-in closet with one of those beaded doorways. Mushrooms, ironically, are the picture that the beads make when they are still. As I walked in there, I couldn't help but think of that South Park episode where Tom Cruise locks himself in Stan's closet and R. Kelly sings, "I'm trapped in the closet..." Once again, this derailed us from our main objective due to a bout of the giggles.

Finally we made our way to the door and stepped out into a winter wonderland.

"This...this is...perfect!" She said and her eyes gleamed. I told her to be careful with those tears as they may turn into icicles. Of course I make jokes, mushies do that to me but I definitely felt the sentiment. It was perfect. It was more than perfect. Everything was how it should be. And I was spending the precious moments with her. Indescribable. I found myself staring at the complexity of the trees before my eyes. They were magnificent and mighty. Old and wise. People always talk about stopping and smelling the roses but I think more people should stop and look at a tree. The phrase isn't as catchy or philosophical but it is true nonetheless.

As our toes started to freeze, we went back inside. We were now approaching the 3 hour mark. She told me she wanted to paint. So I went about the house and gathered all the necessities and we relocated into the living room. I also grabbed my guitar and the bong. While I was gathering supplies she had went off to make some hot chocolate. Again, doing anything without getting lost in a trance is impossible while in these states so it took me at least another hour and a half or so to gather everything, load the bong, help her with her hot drink, tune the guitar, make 175 jokes, and then get comfortable.

She told me at this point (after she had painted for a short while and I had strummed a few chords) that she wanted to take a big hit of weed and then go out for another smoke to look at the pretty scenery. I said, "Sure babe, anything for you of course!" with my silly grin plastered to my face as always... As I was about to hit the bong I looked at her and at the same time we said, "Shouldn't we get our coats on first?"

And then we nearly died laughing. I don't know if it was telepathic or not but we both figured at the exact same time that we needed to be ready to go outside before taking a hit of weed otherwise we would be blasted deeper into the mushroom experience and probably never make it out there. After regaining our composure, we got dressed and stood near the door. I took a large hit and passed it to her. She took a large hit and set it down. To say that it intensified the experience would be a waste of words. It catapulted us into the next level of trippyness! But we went outside regardless and lit up.

I wish I could put into words the feelings of how the outside world made me feel. But I can't...not very eloquently anyway. But again, being the jokester that I am on mushrooms, I found myself looking around at all the nearby houses that belong to our neighbors. There is one house in particular that I find very strange every time I pass by it on my way to work because they have absolutely no blinds or curtains anywhere or on any of their windows. I cannot for the life of me figure out why so I said,

"Babe, it is really weirding me out that those people have no blinds...why would they do that? So people can see their every move? It must be like everyday is a play for them. Where they go about their daily routine in a delusional manner thinking the outside world is watching and waiting for next weeks episode of 'The Neighbors!'"

We had another groovy moment of laughter in which she suddenly stopped and said she was feeling dizzy and a bit woozy. I am guessing that it was probably because she had only eaten stones and hot chocolate and had taken a big rip of decent green a few moments before. She told me that this night was special. This is the night that she would be referring to when we are 90 and she says,

"remember that day when everything was perfect?"

This was that day. It was a pretty emotional time for the both of us but in a really positive way. We went back inside. I found myself getting caught in looping thought patterns about stresses from work while admiring more honeycomb style visuals. I probably stood there in a trance for 20 minutes before I realized that my GF had disappeared.

I walked to the bedroom to find her collapsed on the bed, lightly tossing back and forth. I got comfy next to her and held her as it was obviously becoming very intense for her. I don't know if it was the peak or if it was the weed or probably it was the combination of both.

"I hear their song...I hear it...like with the DMT babe...that song that is always too fast for me to understand...they are playing their music...do you hear it? do you know what I'm talking about...?"

These are the questions she was asking me. I was not actually hearing anything at the moment besides my own loud thoughts of randomness. But I told her that from a molecular and experience standpoint, DMT and Mushrooms have similar qualities and it is not impossible to breakthrough into hyperspace while on mushrooms...

"I...I...I have never felt this on the...mescaline...or, or the acid....I feel like I did when we drank the Ayahuasca...I feel like I am falling into a dream...and...and then remembering I'm here...and then I'm here again...Am I making sense...I hope I am..."

She was in a pretty deep trance at this point, much deeper than I went last night. It was very interesting to watch. She said she could feel an entity nearby and she grinned at me and said,

"I want him to be closer so I can hear it better...the song...he is nearby..."

Today she told me that it felt like some sort of energy or being went through her and that there were little beings all over the place looking down at her. Not necessarily the one being mentioned earlier but beings in general. Very interesting indeed. She said the music playing was like some intense piano pieces in which an orchestra would sometimes join in and swell with it before receding into silence. Then it would start again. She wished she could explain it better or play it for me but she is not a musician so she gave up on trying. I can imagine though as I've heard music on mushrooms before... One last point about the music is that there were some words that these beings were saying:

"Love takes me to some heavy degrees.."

Not sure what that means exactly but I think it is fairly clear. I'll let you put your own spin on it.

This trance state lasted for about an hour and I found myself deep inside my own head with thoughts and visions of things I can't recall too well today. After this trance state ended, we looked at each other and embraced for a long time...I don't want to get too graphic here but we slowly undressed and felt every inch of ourselves in pure bliss. We made love passionately and for longer than I could go normally. I will let you all fill in whatever details you want to put in there. It was epic, so I'll leave it at that for now.

After the love making, the trip was beginning to wear off. We loaded some more weed, turned "Friends" back on and toked until we eventually laid back and drifted off to sleep.

The point that she wanted me to stress the most is that it felt like the perfect night. It was the perfect night. I couldn't think of anyone more important to me to share it with. We were one. We were everything. We were beautiful.

We will remember this night for the rest of our lives.

Thank you for reading

-The Grateful One-
Your descriptive abilities are top notch GratefulOne:grin:
Reading your experience reports I can almost feel what you describe like a good book.
Always easily relatable & always something to laugh about.

This experience IMO is exactly what shared tripping experiences are about. Creating unforgettable experiences between loved ones to look back on in the future.
That's a nice read there grateful one, made me all warm and fuzzy inside and sounds like a truly wonderful night, ahh the memories. :thumb_up:

Peace and love brother

Thank you for the kind words, guys! It was a wonderful night all around. My GF told me that she never had a powerful or even a decent mushroom experience before. Naturally, I had to fix that! :d

Mushrooms have always held a special place in my heart and so being able to share an experience with the girl who stole my heart is priceless. I've had countless experiences with mushrooms but this one really stands out as being important. Even though it wasn't incredibly intense for me, I feel like it was the perfect dose for the both of us to experience together.

What joy!!!!
I am so happy for you!!
I'm smiling a mile wide as I read this :D
Wow, amazing. That's a relationship I can only dream of.
Amazing. I can't help but feel jealous! But only because I admire you guys so!

Just remember that you need not think you've reached a peak in your life,
because the only other direction at the peak of a mountain is down.
Everyday can be a peak, if you want it to.
Everyday can be the epitome of perfection!

Wow, I'm just happy for you two!
Anamnesia said:
What joy!!!!
I am so happy for you!!
I'm smiling a mile wide as I read this :D
Wow, amazing. That's a relationship I can only dream of.
Amazing. I can't help but feel jealous! But only because I admire you guys so!

Just remember that you need not think you've reached a peak in your life,
because the only other direction at the peak of a mountain is down.
Everyday can be a peak, if you want it to.
Everyday can be the epitome of perfection!

Wow, I'm just happy for you two!


Thanks! This is basically what I told my GF...that that night was indeed perfect and special but it definitely won't be the last one, nor will it be the pinnacle of our relationship. It was more like being embraced by a beautiful series of moments throughout an evening!
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