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Hi guys! New to the site and honestly i dont know why i hadnt come across it before. Awesome stuff. Anyway i think i have found an area near Budderoo national park (near jamberoo area nsw austrailia) where A.OBTUSIFOLIA grows abunduntly. Last i saw (few months ago) it was as far as the eye could see. Any way if there is anyone who lives near the area and wouldnt mind helping me and a mate confirming it, send me an email at [edited out. please don't post private e-mail addresses here and especially not any from gmail (google "gmail is evil" for more info. pm this person if you wish to contact them. -z] I live in sydney. I could drive down one weekend and pick any interested person up and we can collect a little bark. If this is really OBTUSIFOLIA (99% sure it is) then we have struck jack pot!! However we will be responsible and only take what we need and make sure to take measures to not harm any trees. One tree should be enough. :D
i should be able to get some photos but it will take a while because i wont get time to get down there for atleast two weeks. but when i do go ill definately put up the photos. the phyllodes have the reddish colouration at the tip and the edges also have a brownish resin. I think the resin is one of the defining characteristics. Cant be sure though im not an expert in the field. cheers!! :D
i might even come [b:cac1abe7f9]UP[/b:cac1abe7f9] from melbourne to see this haha. just get some pictures so we can help you identify them.
will do. I found this area because i came across a pdf file on the net and it was a npws report on the park. they mention A.OBTUSIFOLIA grows along the very stretch of road that im talking about. they do not mention any other acacia species. the trees occur in the open woodland area of the park and on a mountain (not sure of the altitude). everything seems to be pointing in the right direction. fingers crossed!!! 😉
yeah ive heard that they grow there as well but are concentrated in the northern parts of victoria. they pretty much grow from southern parts of queens land to northern victoria along the east coast of australia. arent we blessed to be living in such close proximity to these trees?
[quote:856661afb5="Coschi"]Wave, did you know victoria is abundant with obtusifolia? 😉[/quote:856661afb5] i saw your posts indicating that it grows like a weed - unfortunaltey I am yet to see anyw around my area - western suburbs - so if i go on a road trip - i might as well make it a big one, haha.
it's declared a weed in victoria, unfortunately it doesn't grow like a weed it would be nice though... :D the majority of obtusifolia in victoria are east-far east gippsland, they're not exactly abundant but seek and etc.. etc..
Sorry guys i still haven't gotten time to get there. But weather permitting im going this saturday. Bear with me guys . Its that time of year when everything gets busy!!!
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