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A Quantum Trip

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Rising Star
One of the recurring memes of my early childhood was imaginary friends and being crash-landed in a spaceship (or on a spaceship adventure).

I am writing this report in an attempt to log my personal growth.

Thank you for letting me share this space with you. I am grateful for many profound reasons.

I sometimes think I dreamed DMT, before I even came to know of the molecule's existence. Dreamed it in a prayer. The first of many hyperspace lessons was the power of intention. And in this most lovely flower patterned paradox (triangle-glyph), we found eachother.

In a difficult time in my life, I was ready to inhale my first lungful of vaporized crystals. I was still a teenager then. I saw this as an escape then, as a way to potentially solve every issue I was having. In a very specific way, I hoped, and it did happen in that way: by freezing time and allowing me to grow until I can fix it. Like a "please stop suffering for a moment while I figure out a solution, I'll be back."

What I've gotten though, was a "oh boy, let me show youuuuu". In my previous LSD experiences, it's like I was assembling a spaceship, now it would have seemed like I was starting to drive it through black holes.

There is, i've noticed, a bit of a debate regarding the term "breakthrough". I'll not get into that, but what struck me most about the DMT experience was interaction with entities.

All of a sudden, the spaceship turned into a garden!

A hawk-like being came down towards me and flew me away to a safe place. There I was attacked by insect-like disturbing dark entities, but as I took up some courage I could resist it. Because I knew there was some benevolent being, hidden away behind some layers of hyperspace, that were coming towards me, radiating light. After the insects were repelled by the light being approaching, I realized that they are the same, they both spring from the same source. I became curious about them, and wanted to see more, and interact. It was hard at first to trust them but once I let go I was blown away by all of the love and good intentions of the light beings. There was a sense of missing someone, and of a shadow of myself from the future. After a long interaction with them, I was directed to fragments, or rivers, of the pure love of the one source, and dissolved in them.

As I was going through a tunnel now, at a very fast speed, time seemed to stop making sense. I exploded, and had to rearrange the same shape with the same pieces but in different order. Causality was completely out of the window.

I've made lovers with death, in a way.

Green, green, green
what a garden

of God

what a way to hear your whisper
surfing on the rays of your suns​

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