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A question about DMT-induced mystical breakthroughs

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I have never once, in the ten or so times that I have smoked dmt-enhanced leaf, or vaporized dmt, experienced what people here refer to as a "breakthrough."
What I would like to know is, what exactly happens during a DMT-breakthrough?
Does one's consciousness literally break-through the mundane reality and project outwards into a hyperdimension of some sort?
And if one takes enough dmt in enough time, then will it happen definitely, whether or not one is ready to experience such a phenomenon?
I ask because I would like to extract DMT myself and try this.
In the past I have stopped myself from what I thought was a breakthrough, because it seemed so intense as it was already, that I did not know what would happen if I took that final hit, and had a healthy fear and apprehension of the unknown.
If anyone can please describe this to me a little bit I would be very appreciative, thank you.

Here's a good description:

Of course, there are a bazillion descriptions here and all over. Easily had for one who actually gives a hoot.
Humans widely base their fears from previous and prior perceptions about fear. They fear the memory of something. For instance, fearing the memory of a tiger attack rather than the fear of an actual tiger. If you want to really let go and go into the breakthrough experience, you must drop any prior perceptions you may have about everything, including fear. That is the best advice I could give prior to consumption. Don't try and imagine anything. Drop it all. What anyone tells you about it will never really describe what is seen or experienced. It cannot be described.

I think you may very well wonder why you feared so much after a breakthrough. It is often blissful for me. That bliss can feel overwhelming. It can feel like death. Like you are there forever. Or you exist there even now. It is all too familiar each time I have gone. It is home in some ways. Please don't buy into your minds idea of what it is. Your mind is wrong so often. My mind convinced me I was dead on several occasions and it was wrong. It was also wrong about any preconcieved notion I had about DMT, a breakthrough, hyperspace and the entities there in.

Don't hold yourself back with fear. Go into any psychedelic experience with a yearning to learn about yourself. Go into it wanting to learn something about the nature of consciousness itself. If you approach it as a student, you will learn something. You will also approach the experience being humble.

I hope you can find a way to reach the places you want to go. No one can show you. You must find it on your own. It is not always about the breakthrough. It can be about the attempt too. It can be about the entire journey to get there. Pay attention along the way. Watch how you feel about things. Observe yourself all along your route.
Here is a good video of people attempting to describe a breakthrough. I enjoyed the compilation as it goes to show that we often experience very similar things.

For me a breakthrough is when the experience goes from being unusual to being other-worldly.

Invariably my body ceases to exist in it's current sense. I often end up looking at my hands afterwards... oooh, look at that. Fingers flex. Wow. I've got hands again. I'm not dead. Yay!
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