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A Random Instant Comedown

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Be Here Now
Hello Nexians!

I had a very weird experience the other day and I figured I would share it here to see if anyone can relate. This is actually the first time I have even been on the cannabis thread (except for the comment minutes before).

Anyways, the other day I was taking dabs with my friend. I don't remember the exact type of concentrate but it was working quite well. We had an electronic nail set-up and probably took 4-5 each. Of course I was pretty high after this. Keep in mind I had been taking dabs daily for about 2 weeks so I did have a tolerance. Smoking this much oil would usually keep me high for around 45 minutes to an hour.

After about ten minutes I sat up in my seat, I had been slouched. I felt very weird and almost too high and thought that I would like to be sober. Then my min sort of snapped and I was sober. 100%. had never experienced or heard of anything like that. I never regained even a little buzz. About 30 minutes later I smoked more and got high and maintained my buzz for a normal amount of time with a gradual come down.

Has anyone ever had this happen or even hear of it happening? I was very surprised by it but at the time quite pleased as well.
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