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I hope you see this Mindlusion:
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I have experimented with nearly all of the higher n-alkyl tryptamine analogues, DPT , EPT, MPT, DET etc etc

They are all totally unique , incomparable but similar... Most are not much 'fun' and give you a serious ride, akin to a heavy dose of pharma. Not to be taken lightly.

DET on the other hand, is very much different from the rest. DET is very clear headed, none of that serious whacky mental exploding universe business. Even at very high doses, it doesn't 'breakthrough' like DMT. Instead it is euphoric, at high dose very visual with deep blue 3D tryptamine geometry, but your mind remains almost totally sober, it is very manageable. Its very gentle in this way, very unlike every other tryptamine of this class. In this way I compared it like, the 2c-b of the tryptamines, as it is quite gentle and sobering, euphoric and visual without going deep, but still an incredible molecule. It feels organic, as if man was meant to find it.
First I compared it to mescaline, for euphoria and gentleness, but mescaline goes deep, I am not sure if DET does.

The peak is fairly short, experience lasts 4-5hours, its the only tryptamine I ever considered taking more of in the same night.

So do you (or anyone) feel like 4-AcO-DET compares to the other 4-sub-trypts as well, in a similar way?
If so, I'll have to test it soon.
I spoke with The Traveler, when he took a nice dose of 4-HO-DET. He explained that it was quite silly. In his descriptions of the experience I found it very closely related to the experience I had with DET. So in that way 4-HO-DET is similar to DET, but not to 4-ho-DMT. 4-ho-DMT goes very deep.
Well that sounds good. Maybe I'll try it someday. If I ever decide to trip again ;)
I am starting to question the meaning of 'deep' in terms of tripping.

I find Psilocybin to be the most versatile in it's experiences, displaying the characteristics of all the trypts combined and more. But then again this is the one that is most readily available.

I can not think of anything much of psilocybin that goes deep except for spiritual forgetfulness, life lessons and perhaps the visual appearance of entities. Something that has little place in the substituted tryps. Is this what you mean? But then again, 4-aco-dmt last used (which i snorted a small bump which turned out to be 45mg) it seemed if as a fractalsnake was surging making whirlpools around the space behind the walls of my visual field. In my room. So what is deep? About mescaline for example.

And also a high amount of energy always follows with the dmt compounds. I find 4-aco-met the one time I tried it to not be as fully energetic, more like a 2cb,mescal buzz. And it's visuals to be feintly present but powerful when it comes up. It feels organic with only a hint of seriousness but manageable. Very happy times. The mind remains intact and not overwhelmed.

But in retrospect this very same analysis was made using 4-aco-dmt although there was more sense of respect that I immediately felt for this compound. Perhaps due to reading up beforehand or something inside me knows there is something to be feared. The first experience I had with it where mild. But there is something to be said perhaps for precognitive powers of the mind to feel wether or not a compound can overwhelm you. And it matters when you take it what is going on in life, things change.

I remember 2cb being a weak and fun drug to me but in due time it's useage became heavy and loaded with scary feelings and continued use presented itself as a powerful mind-altering substance.
Well i think you answered your own question. Of course question it, if I have learned anything at all it is that all of my understandings and conceptions are null in the face of it. Everything I think I know is wrong. But, at least try, why not.

Maybe it is best to then approach it with a simple word like 'deep' which doesn't mean much without context, akin to 'it'.

I am using it in the context of my own experiences that I would describe as mystical. Faced with the infinite, the only action left is surrender.

Mescaline and psilocybin have both brought about these experiences, but so has stone cold sobriety, and a bit of desperation. Reaching that point of surrender is rarely fun.

in my experience, psilocybin was everything DMT but a step further, DMT gave fantastical experiences, visually unparalleled, completely different dimension, and demonstrated the same principles. But psilocybin was personalized, it allowed me to surrender in a way I never thought possible.

It could be more due to my relationship with psilocybin vs my relationship with DMT

mescaline went even deeper, to a place in my heart i never knew existed.

you don't need to take drugs to surrender, to bring about such experiences. So there is no reason why they could not happen on 2c-b or DET. It depends entirely on you, not the substance. However if you chase the euphorias of 2c-b or DET you just resign yourself to suffering the egoic game of highs and lows. But there seems to be an inherent quality of some of these compounds which are more capable of bringing about mystical experiences, 'deep'.


regarding another n-alkyl tryptamine, MPT, i had a breakthrough experience that was indistinguishable from DMT, except for maybe it had a longer duration and some characteristic strange sensations that are common with the propyl subs. But the core message of the experience was undifferentiated. It was DMT. So I am sure this compound goes deep. But i also felt no reason to take it again because it could not bring about any new dimension of the experience that DMT could not. Infinite REALLY means infinite... I think the methyl group is necessary for the breakthrough experience, relative to DMT.
Awesome way of putting , heads down. Youre experience trumps mine by a long shot. I'd like to have actually seen it for myself. Sometimes when not thinking about the infinite you forget how deep the rabbit hole actually goes.

I was thinking about just this thing just 5 minutes ago. What people call dmt is actually n,n-dmt. The nitrogen is rarely mentioned but crucial!

But I concede my point, I for one have not seen 2cb going in any direction leading to a mystical experience as you define it. You have emphasized that mpt breakthrough is similar to dmt. Does that mean that a mescaline break-through is different. And 2cb could potentially lead to the same place? My guess is yes. :)

When I say seriousness on MET. I was met with an eye coming seemingly from behind visual space for a split second. This was a moment of wow. It seems to me that all of the tryptamines are capable of putting you in touch with 'something' but each displays their own appearance that is charactarizable. But I think these are friendly compounds. I think I am inspired to sit with them again in the near future.

Hey, thank you for putting up with me.
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