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A small garden

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It isn't much, but you have to start somewhere

Confusa x2
Hostilis x2 (together)


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From a seed grows a forest.

I love it when I see a member growing from seed rather than simply being a collector of seedlings someone else has already grown.

Not that I dislike the later, as I consider myself a bit of both.

Your penchant for growing seeds will pay off in the end and it is one of the easiest ways I have found of collecting unique variegated and crested specimens.


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Very cool cactus [next on the list :)] I love to grow from seed. And it's funny because I just finished scanning through alot of "the ethno garden" and in awe of all these huge and small gardens. And it made me think "it would be cool to have some chacruna leaves and not have to wait months......

But you're right, you get to learn things about the plant you may otherwise never get to see. Like my viridis seeds are making the germ. paper towel purple! and I'm assuming that is normal. Because one of my non viable confusa seeds was yellow and squished and deflated. so i pick it up and rub it slightly, and it looked like it bled out some purple juice also! I've got an idea it may be the spice but will learn in time after some of these fruit trees start cracking open.

Thanks for the words. btw your signature gives me a good chuckle/smile whenever I see it... :thumb_up:
Hey SM,

Babies are looking great! Hope they grow up big and healthy to bring joy into your life daily!

I myself know how much I look forward to coming home from work every day and seeing my Salvia babies growing and growing, just waving their gentle green leaves at me.

There's just something about caring for plants that makes me feel good.

Also, the last picture you attached in your latest post is unavailable.

Best of luck with growing those, and keep us posted!

Much love! :love:
@Nydex Oh they certainly are bringing joy. Watching the process is awesome.
I'm still trying to get the hang of the pics. I feel like i leave the upload area too soon and it bugs out.... not sure.

@tatt Yes sir, using 300w. How is your LED setup working out for you? I have 0 complaints. Been starting stuff inside, then moving it outside. Very high survival rate atm.
SpiceyMeatball said:
@tatt Yes sir, using 300w. How is your LED setup working out for you? I have 0 complaints. Been starting stuff inside, then moving it outside. Very high survival rate atm.

Nice :)

Mine's a viparspectra reflector series 600w [600w equivalent[/color]] [full spec w/ infrared spec also], draws close to 300w. Covers a 3x3 area real nicely.

That's awesome, yeah I live in an area with harsh winters, so it's sort've a game haha. I've started a couple things inside as well.

Cheers man
Approx 3 weeks on the older ones.

bonus - penninervis (lil fella)


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