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A Small Ghost Resides Here

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Rising Star
Ohaio, greetings and hello.
Who am I? One; all; none. A conscious plotpoint in the graph of spacetime? Some days I know myself, and sometimes I float away.
I study genetics(epigenetics more specifically), neuroscience and psychedelics...primarily all together, there might be connections between them.
I'm thirsty to learn, to gain knowledge, to expand...like a liquid into a gas. I consider DNA to be a beautiful construction of biotechnology, I also consider it to be alive in it's own right.

Alone, demons of anxiety and insanity haunted me. I grew up lacking in social skills, tormented by my own brain and the auditory hallucinations. I found psychedelics, LSD primarily. Being a person whom is sensitive to many prescriptions, and even scared of common anti-depressants or anti-psychotics. I took to creating my own path of healing, with the help of psychedelics, and a lot of studying logical thinking, and looking towards the stars. It took me almost 3 years in total to climb my mountain. I now take to pushing my mind to it's fullest..I want to see how far it can go. I want to uncover the universe, the workings of reality. The functions of our biochemistry.

And so...that desire to uncover, to discover, is far more powerful..it is so powerful that I have no care for who I am, but rather what I can do.
:) hello

we had auditory hallucinations when we was child, starting from the age of 4. It was horrible (..at least that was what we thought). Imagine all sounds of the universe combined into one (1) bone-and teeth breaking de-materialization roar (not 'soft' whitenoise). They only lasted a few secs... They stopped when we reached the age of 12....

We clearly remember the first time it happened, the little intezam was just peeling the seeds out of a pretty large rose-hip.....

Have you already tried DMT? We NEED a (human) genetic engineer...so :thumb_up:

koto ga dekimasu ka....?

If we look at:
phalaris brachystachys
phalaris brachystachys sp. canariensis

the latter has been bred to produce larger seed and not to shed their seed in the uneven
ways of the former, but rather 'enclose" the seed moar tightly within the inflorences...
It (canariensis seed flour) was in use in Italy, Spain, and it's colonies as an addition to breads. This went on until it was found that the (powdered) silica rich (hairs on the) seed hulls of p.b. sp. canariensis were a cause of esophageal cancer.....

Anyways, it is still in use as bird seed. And also as a human super food in Latin countries known as 'leche de alpiste' aka canary seed milk. For this, a company developed a glabrous cultivar ( Ibitta® ) in which the silica content was deemed safe for human consumption.

So, as one can see...lots of research already going on in a non-suspicious manner ;)

What we need is: someboday skilled to look into it's wild form(s) and find ways to make it produce moar DMT (which it already does: up 3% from freshly sprouted stressed 'tiger' leafs) but unfortunately there is also 5meO even tho it's only traces it makes dosing and adding harmalas so much moar scarier, so we need a ways of making it produce DMT only, perhaps even look into the gramine/beta-carboline issue...or ways of stopping enzymatic (?) DMT degrading/oxidation inmediatly after harvesting leaf? Or simple ways to avoid that without use of alcolol?

Then this grass could give DMT independence to the much of the world, tropical, arid and temperate. What are your thoughts? You could be the genetic science troll who work this out under some legit pretext?

:thumb_up: phalaris brachystachys var.little ghost :lol: Can you see it?
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