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About Changa and re-x

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Hi guys,
when I did my first extraction I divided the spice in 2 half made changa with one half and keeped the second half in pure crystals, that was a first pull and the cristal were really clear (mostly white). In that case I used a simple stb extraction (basified water+lye, heatbath, naphta VM pulls) and I didn't feel the need to re-x. On the later pulls the spice turned a little bit more yellow but I still didn't re-x because at this point I was making only changa and noticed that if I avoid mixing the plants with the liquid (I use acetone) the "orange oil" that I suppose to be the plant fats and proteins remains on the bottom of the ceramic/pirex dish. When I started my second extraction with the cyb hybrid tek, after a great first pull the naphta turned very very dark, almost black on a couple of jars. The results on the plate was a lot of crystals mixed with a lot of impurities, in that case do you think that re-x is mandatory also if I only make changa with that spice? Also the result of that extraction was a mix of all the 3 DMT colors, white, yellow and red. I don't know if that's the reason why the second changa it's way stronger than the first one (the one that I made using the simple STB) the plants I used was the same: damiana, pink lotus, calea 50x, passiflora and passiflora 50x liquid extract (instead of harmala for MAOI) except that for the first changa I put a bit of "lactuga silvestre" in it.
What do you advice to do for next extraction? How to prevent the naphta to turn so dark? Should I have to rex in that case also if I only want to make changa?
Hi drop2. The questions you have asked have been answered many times before on the forum. The site can easily become cluttered if everyone asks similar questions without using the search function first.

Nonetheless, I'll run through some options for you. Fine bark particles tend to become suspended in the NPS, causing it to go very dark red. Here are a few ways to ovoid this in the future...
- Make sure your NaOH has cooled to room temp before adding it to your plant matter.
- Do room temp pulls, as warmer solvent tends to pull more impurities.
- Also do pulls in quick succession without mixing the solution more than a couple times (someone in another thread mentioned it takes time for
the impurities to migrate over, but I do not know how accurate this is).
- Try an A/B tek instead. I find the red naphtha of doom rarely pops it's ugly head in, as you let the fine particles settle before decanting and

Since you have already extracted the impurities with your spice, you can try back-salting with vinegar and pulling with fresh solvent or do a sodium carb wash. Ooor, as you've stated, you can recrystallise it. It all depends how dirty it is. If it's really bad, recrystallising may not offer much in terms of cleaning.
Thank you very much, next time I'll try to search better on the forum. I already read a couple of topics that partially answered this: the one on the "goo" and the one that tests impurity on all types (color) of spices. Basically if I don't want a nice crystal I can stick to whatever I extract from Mimosa because I'll have in the worst case a maximum of 10% of impurities and some of that could also be other active triptamines, so why re-x or cleanup? Just to have a good loking xtal?
Can you guess why the second changa that I made is so much stronger than the first one? It's almost one pipe hit breakthroug, when the first needed 3. The 2 changas was both 33%DMT. Changing the extraction tek from an STB to the hybrid salt tek could have improved quality so much?
It all depends how dirty your DMT is. I personally almost always do a clean-up step, as I find the vape/smoke to be much easier on the lungs. Recrystallising isn't all about getting nice crystals. It's mainly reducing the chance of inhaling/ingesting something toxic.

Regarding your strong changa... are you sure you sure you weighed it out correctly? I have read that plant fats that accompany yellow spice can offer a level of protection to heat, causing it to vape more efficiently. I haven't looked into the subject for a while, so i wouldn't take my word for it.

Either way, it seems like the new batch is serving you well. Safe journeys.
You made me think about the fact that the only 2 jars with the darker naphta were the ones where I had put the powdered bark, on 400g of mimosa I could blend only around 100g (and that's another thing that I would like to ask and seems to didn't have found nothing searching around) tried different blenders, though one was a very potent vorwek bimby the root seems to spin with the blades and after a while the motor start to be too hot and I have to turn it off, there is some trick to better blend it? I'm also asking if it is mandatory, I managed to get a very good yeld using shredded bark and the only jars with powdered one were very dirty. Sorry if I'm a little bit OT here
BTW you are right this second batch is really good, I'm going to try the third one soon on which I used hexane instead of lighter fluid (that is much cheaper)
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