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Acacia Acuminata leaf and stem brew - advice?

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Ok so I am attempting a brew tomorrow and I just want to go over a few things to make sure I have everything down right.

I am using A. Acuminata and P. Harmala

First I have some questions, what weight of leaf and stem do you recommend for two people? How long do you usually boil for? Will you strain and reboil multiple times or just keep topping up the pot and strain at the end?

Secondly is it really just boiling in water (potentially slightly acidic) for long periods of time or am I missing something? :oops: :p

I plan to boil them both separately and then consume 3-5g of the rue an hour beforehand.

Thanks for any advice I really appreciate it, this is a big learning curve for me and I look forward to spending a lot of time with these plants working on my knowledge. :love:

I will probably update with photos tomorrow if anyone's interested
A friend of mine has worked with crude A. acuminata tea (broad phyllode variety) and it worked, although it wasn't his favorite.

The narrow phyllode variety has a very clean profile with mostly DMT, which suggests it may be similar to Chacruna.

Do you know which variety you have?

Dosage can be tricky with acacias as alkaloid content varies with time of harvest, that's one of the reasons some people prefer to do refined extractions. Another is the potential occurrence of toxic or otherwise undesirable compounds. But that doesn't seem to be an issue with A. acuminata.

If I were to work with this tree, I'd probably brew a large batch (say estimated 20 - 50 doses) and gauge the potency of the brew, starting low and working my way up.
I made some aya around 10 yrs ago with A. acuminata phyllodes, however I used dry material that had been powdered in a blender first before doing the cook. One cook was enough, I even ended up with one brew that was too heavy in DMT. I get what I can only describe as DMT prickles all over my skin on high doses, in addition to the rest of the trip.
From memory, the plant material was around 1.5% based of previous extractions although that can vary wildly depending on the age & time of year the material was collected. If it was a good sized mature tree, collected mid summer I would say 1.5% should be a reasonable number.
So if you are only wanting to dose for yourself for 1 dose you might be looking at 5 - 10 g of finely ground phyllode material.
5g @ 1.5% being 75mg DMT while 10g would be 150mg.
I usually aim for a pH of around 4 when getting the goodies out. I'm sure vinegar would work however I prefer to use HCl as that is what is in your stomach anyway, and at a higher pH than that.
I can agree with Jagube.
Acuminata has a wildly varying alkaloid content. I have found it containing from 0.2% to 1.2% DMT. The very same trees. You might want to extract it first.
Also, it's incredibly oily and there's a good chance you don't want to consume all those oils. Extraction and backsalting would step around that. Even then you will get partial goo with Acuminata.
Interestingly the goo/oily spice only appears to come from the phyllodes, whereas bark from the same tree will yield crystals and no goo.
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