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acacia acuminata + RUE - Pharma/Ayahuasca - Phylodes + extract dose/method **HELP**

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I would Love to get your help/confirmation/give-thoughts to this;

I realise there is lots of information on the forum.. but Acacia Acuminata information is limited and I'd love some thoughts on this by some experienced Aya/Pharma users! Thanks <3

In a dream.. 2 people went on a journey - the set and setting where wonderful - they were both advanced pilgrims and have had many journeys before, but have never partaken the sacred drink!

There was 60g of acacia acuminate phylodes (leaves).. The spirits gave me the Broad leaf variety - which has approx. 0.7% alkaloid content.. the broad leaf is around 33% DMT, 51% MTHBC, then tryptamine and a few minor traces of other stuff.. Unsure of MTHBC effect as I suspect the full alkaloid content will be taken from the leaf (phylodes)

Alkaloid Quantity estimate = 0.42g (420mg) (60g leaf .07% alkaloids)
**broad leaf Acacia Acuminata wasn't my desire (narrow leaf are better for DMT content - phylodes up to 90% DMT with 1.5% alk yields!!) - The spirits gave me broad leaf

DMT estimate = 140mg approx. (33% DMT in alkaloids)

I dreamt I simmered the leaves for an hour in water and some lemon juice (200ml water and 50ml lemon juice freshly squeezed???).. strained, repeated, strained repeated... removed solids reduced ~750ml liquid to 200ml
(???should I bother Filtering or doing an egg white tannin extract???)

Syrian Rue (peganum harmala) - 10g seeds (aiming for 7g to be drunk = 3.5g each initially)
**Rue wasn't my earthly desire but it is what the spirits gave me** PURGE will COME

Seeds prepared as above but simmered in 100ml water and 20 ml lemon juice for 1 hour, strained, repeated, strained repeated, seeds removed - 360ml liquid approx. - the white of an egg is added to the brew, brought to the boil and egg white with tannins removed.. brew put through coffee filter, 350ml liquid reduced to say 100ml and left to cool (70ml would be 7g approx.)

**********This is where things get really variable, so many conflicting views, thoughts and opinions**************

The 200ml of FORCE (Acuminata DMT) is split 100ml EACH (est. 70mg DMT per traveller)
The 70ml LIGHT (7g Rue) is split into 2 35ml EACH (3.5g rue per traveller)

The Travellers drink 15ml of LIGHT (1.5g rue) and meditate on the LIGHT for 20 minutes
The Travellers drink the remaining 20ml of LIGHT (2g rue) and immediately drink the 100ml of FORCE (~70mg DMT) as quickly as possible

The Travellers had 3.5g rue (1/3 taken 20 minutes before 2/3 drink at same time as the Force)
The Travellers each had ~approx. 70mg DMT Lemon Tea

The Travellers meditate for 1 hour - they find they are not Deep Enough - the travellers drank all the FORCE Tea !!

The Travellers will vary the quantities to what the spirits suggest when meditating for 1 hour - (less or more - it is the way it is done that I feel may be important)

There is LIGHT (3g rue total!) 30ml tea left
There is FORCE GOO (a MILD Goo - Visually 100mg feels like 33mg pure DMT with added AMAZING Body Feels)

The travellers are tall and lean(6'3" ~160 pound approx.)

T +1:00 - The travellers feel they must journey deeper into the spirit world

70mg DMT per person - 420mg of extracted Acacia Acuminata Jungle Goo is put into 200ml of COKE - Shaken a lot.. ORANGE JUICE WAS GOING TO BE USED - but the DMT Phosphoric acid is apparently easier to absorb)

The travellers have LIGHT - 3g Rue TEA left (3g Rue Seeds)
The Travellers have FORCE - 200ml Coke with 420mg Goo - est. 140mg DMT

The Travellers drink 15ml Rue Tea (1.5g Rue) - a top up may be needed as stomach activity from 3.5 RUE an hour ago will probably have been depleted ******???????????******

The Travellers immediately drink the 100ml of coke (70mg DMT in this example)

T +0:00 the travellers consumed **3.5g Rue** and 70mg DMT
(expect mega *PURGE* at some stage)
T +1:00 the travellers consumed **1.5g Rue** and 70mg DMT
(expect MORE *PURGE* at some stage)

The travellers have an amazing experience.. they have travelled many times on many different journeys, they have spoken to spirits, they have died and become one with all - I would like to share the journey results as an experience.. but for now it is a dream and your suggestions, variations, thoughts would be appreciated

With Love, Light and Blessings

Interesting. I saw your last post about vaporizing extract from acuminata & it sparked my interest in this plant.

Keep updating with your progress using acuminata. I am looking into growing it indoors as a sustainable plant source. The only seeds i can find within my country currently are the burkittii variety but i am hopeful i can acquire some seeds from the narrow phyllode variety once i get its growth parameters down well enough.
concombres - it's great someone appreciates the info :)

I am going to get some narrow leaf seeds soon.. I would be happy to send you some for free
Hey Guys,
I'm planning to get some seeds of the narrow leaf too:-
- i'm acquiring a 30seed pack, would that be enough? what is the avg germination rate?
- how old should the plant be to be viable for collecting leaves and extracting
If you score and soak the seeds for 24 hours before planting you will get very high germination rates.

Probably 3-4 years before you can start harvesting your trees without harm. That depends on where you live though and how well you care for them. A bit of dynamic lifter every season and the odd drink of seasol goes a long way.
Northander: many thanx for your reply
i've prior experience with similar hard seeds,scarification works best with me, so i may expect a high germination rate from the 30seeds
I live in egypt >> a mild temperate weather (32-42C summer and 8-18C winter),i think it will like it

has anyone actually grown an a.acuminata to the age where he actually harvested/extracted?
Justintime : that's a nice baby man, be careful of that yellowing/falling leaves, i grew tamarind last summer and after a while i found seedlings after a couple of months getting this yellow color and falling, i was not able to know why it happens(tried fungal/nematode pesticides with no success) but it was fatal

I'm really keen to know if anyone with success on a long aged tree he cultivated from seeds
pharoah said:
I'm really keen to know if anyone with success on a long aged tree he cultivated from seeds

I'm sure there are success stories.

I have a 3 year old tree that has dmt and nmt in the phyllodes, by tlc.
Not extracted though, so I can't tell you alkaloid content.
Slow growing tree, relative to some other acacias.
leratiomyces : thumps up man:thumb_up:

will you be kind enough to post a photo of the 3yrs old tree, so we can see the size,anticipated yield of phyliodes

and i'd appreciate if you share your first extraction results(when the time comes)
Thanx again
I am away from home, so can not post a photo. I think you would be unimpressed.
Imagine a 2-2.5m tree, with multiple branches emerging from low on the trunk, creating more of a shrub than a tree. Shrub is about 1.5m wide.
Phyllode mass is not great due to the thin nature of phyllodes and the fact the tree has a tendency to drop phyllodes closer to the trunk in preference for phyllodes at the outer perimeter. It produced flowers and seed pods for the first time, in the last 6 months.

With regard to alkaloid content, hopefully you have read endlessness' chemical analysis thread, which shows favourable results for the narrow phyllode acuminata.

A courtii planted at the same time as the acuminata is 7-8m tall and thick full of phyllodes, granted it gets more sun exposure. None the less, I like the look of the acuminata as it's typical of the Australian bush.
Thanx for the description, 2-2.5m in 3yrs that's almost 80cm/yr not too slow.
actually i picked acuminata because it's one of very few having dmt in leaves(phyliodes),so i can avoid peeling the bark and damaging the plant

but you pointed me to the a.courtii which almost equals the a.cuminata narrow phyliodes with may be even cleaner alkaloid profile, along with being a fast grower that would be a hit
I will read more about it, my continuing thanx to you
Analysis of the courtii phyllode by tlc, shows one lonesome spot - dmt by itself.
However there is a chance that as acacias age, their alkaloid profile changes. In the case of acuminata, there is the possibility that an old specimen produces dmt only, with no nmt. But I am not certain this the case,

The downside of courtii is that it is a very big tree, and therefore requires a lot of space, that gets a lot of sun.
More importantly, this plant is very rare, with its natural population virtually threatened. This means that purchasing a plant or seeds is not always easy. The supply is sporadic and limited. For example, at the moment there are no seeds available from suppliers, that I can see.

Acuminata plants and seeds are easy to purchase and cheap, comparatively speaking.
so would rather pm OP yet i'm restricted/new.

hey guys,
i've been spotting threads pop up suggesting that extracting freebase from acuminata has to be done a certain way, is this the same for a AANP brew that a different method is needed?
any new info on AANP brews?

my latest try has been small twigs and phyllode of acuminata narrow phyllode at 3g acacia and 3.5 syrian rue with no results, not sure if its just the variance of dmt in AANP and a higher does is needed for the threshold to begin.

here are my initial results links below:

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