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Acacia aroma extraction question

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Well my dear friends, an alien from planet Zebes is going to do an extraction from acacia aroma's seeds. It is said that significant amounts of tryptamines are found in the seeds. So the alien is planing an A/B extraction, here are his questions:

-Does he has to defat with naphta?
-During the basification: what is the right pH to not destroy the tryptamines? ph 8, 9, 10, 11...??
-Does he has to evaporate the non-polar extraction in a baking dish? Or will it be better to do freeze precipitation?

Note that by tryptamines i am not talking just about DMT, but other stuff.

Peace to all of you.
DMT is safe at a high pH like 12+, but a lot of other alkaloids are not. For example, psilocin and 5-HO-DMT are destroyed at that pH. To ensure all the alkaloids are safe don't go higher than pH 10.
First thing what SWIM should do, is research !!! Start with solvents. If he wanna some other trypts. using naphtha is pointless. Naphta targeting DMT he should look around for something more polar.
Yes naphtha is good for freeze prec. but clean n-alkan(e.g. hexane) are better.
Using naphtha for defatting is not very effective but naphtha would dissolve some fats.
Just do research mate. No need go far away, very good informations are on this board...😉
That’s right. Naphtha is great for DMT, but a lot of other alkaloids are not very soluble in it.

The best non-polar solvents that will pull pretty much every alkaloid there is would be DCM, ether, or chloroform.
My extraterrestrial friend is going to defat with toluene and naphta. Basify to pH 10, then extract with hot naphta 3 times, then with toluene 2 or 3 times.

Could this be right?
where DCM can be bought? i tried to buy hexane, but they only sell to enterprises.
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