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Acacia madenii question

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Mine blooms after Christmas in the Summer and will carry on flowering as many times as it can until it cools down in May. It grew 5m before it flowered the first time.

I'm in the wet tropics, so the rain is intense and in the summer months. I don't know how that effects this trees cycles compared to more temperate regions.
Mine blooms a lot in November and December. Right before Christmas. It seems like it grew its flower buds in late summer and then began blooming a little bit a couple of months ago and then a lot right now. it’s a beautiful tree.

3 winters ago I think It had grown a couple meters maybe and the coldest weather I’ve ever seen in this place came in and froze it to the ground. It was -6 c. Ever since it’s been evergreen and is probably about 5 to 7 meters.
There’s usually not too much of a winter where I live in Louisiana, although that winter it got colder that I thought, at least for a night.

After the tree froze to the ground and grew back, it got me wondering how tropical plants can survive frosts and freezes in the first place.
Mine is nearly ten years old now, and it's never bloomed. I live in zone 7 though, so it lives in a giant pot that we haul in and out every spring and fall. I talked to an expert in tropical plants and she told me that some tropicals will simply not flower in a given year if they are exposed to a low temperature, I think she said forty something degrees F. It explained why alot of my collection never seemed to flower as we're always a little late trying to get the plants in. This year I have decided to invest in heating my greenhouse over the winter, so maybe I'll have some luck but hope this information is useful somehow.
Maiden’s Wattle is in bloom at my house right now. It’s dark now so tomorrow I’ll try to get pictures.

And I have a question for the ones who know maiden’s wattle in its native range. Does it bloom in the spring ever as well as the autumn?
BundleflowerPower said:
BundleflowerPower said:
Here’s the picture

Actually, I am having trouble uploading it?
Is it a file format issue? With a JPEG file, for example, the file only uploads if the file extension is as in <filename>.jpg, and not <filename>.jpeg - this is something which requires manual editing.
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