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Acacia Maidenii leaf

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Riggly Maynard Charlston Bentsworth |||
what is the % dmt in the leaf of this plant?

also, should the bark be dried before an extraction is atempted?

also, ive heard coconut milk can be used to water plants for higher yeild of tryptamines, does anyone know if its posible to do this with acacias?
could i soak the fresh green (with a brown outside) bark in some to increase yeild?
Try here The Corroboree They are pretty into plants, and Acacia Madenii is native to Australia. But from my understanding, Madenii is a wildcard, sometimes great yields, but most of the time barely worth the effort. That why Acacia Obtusifolia is prefered by most people. But it is worth a try, you might be in luck.

Oh, and I think that you are better off drying the bark in the shade for a while before attemping an extraction.
LexTek is an extraction tek which used Acacia obtusifolia bark.

Current consensus is that A. obtusifolia is much more reliable than A. maidenii.
And if early reports continue to be confirmed, then Acacia acuminata is going to be a very popular species as well.
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