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Acacia Xanthophloea

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Yet another ubulawu or dreaming plant.
Helping one communicate with the spirit world.

Anyone got any experience with this plant ?
Sorry, no experience. But I noticed that a local smartshop sells shredded Mukanya Kude(Acacia Xanthophloea) bark.

On this smartshop's website it said very little was known and only to make a hot water infusion of it, steep it
for 5 minutes and drink it before going to bed. If I have some extra money to spend, I may buy a bag of this
shredded bark and give it a try as an Oneirogen.

Smartshop's info:
Mukanya Kude (Acacia Xanthophloea) is a tree which tends to grow in swampy areas in the Southern and Eastern Africa’s. The tree has a somewhat yellow bark from which its Latin name derives. The common name for Mukanya Kude is 'Fever Tree', as at the time European settlers believed that malaria fever stemmed from these trees, instead of the real culprit that inhabits the same swampy areas: mosquitoes.

In African culture, particularly among the Zulu's, the bark of the Mukanya Kude is well known for its ability to induce lucid dreams. These dreams are presumed to be visionary and prophetic.

Some more:
Mukanya Kude - effects

Not much is currently known about the effects of the bark, other than the information passed on in African culture and traditions that it can provide lucid dreams and grant spiritual insights.

Like with all Ubulawu herbs, it is believed that if you focus on one question before going to sleep, you'll receive the answer in your dreams.

Mukanya Kude - usage / preparation

The Zulu's prepared the bark in an infusion of various potent dream herbs, but it can also be taken on its own as a tea. Let it steep in hot water for around 5 minutes. Drink the tea an hour before going to sleep.

Dosage information is anecdotal at best; some experimentation may be required to find a dosage that produces good results. We recommend starting with a teaspoon a day and slowing building up over time if necessary. Keep in mind that it may take several days before the effects become noticeable.

I'm also wondering if that bark could contain DMT.
An Acacia with Yellow/golden yellow bark....May well be rich in dmt. Have any chem analysises been done on this Acacia?
While I do not know the botanical terminology to describe it, I have seen some in my area that exhibit sections of bark which dry and flake off the trunk (the pieces I have observed are approximately 30cm x 15cm). There is a tree that I often pass near my house and I have thought of taking a few of these sections (older ones that have peeled completely can be found lying on the ground underneath the tree) and attempting an extraction. I'll be sure to post results when I do.
New user Mynesin from this thread, referring to A. xanthophloea:

I'll make sure to post all findings so far as well as methods used for extractions, refinements and testing but to give you a teaser, levels seem to depend on sun intensity as it uses its bark for photosynthesis and on the abundance or lack of "the yellow fever powder" as local native shaman would put it.

Efforts are underway to obtain extracts and produce images of DIY TLC plates. Any other information is welcome and encouraged! I feel there are a fair number out there who know more than they say.
I forgot the contents of the next post:

Mynesin said:
Well its based on samples taken from specimens grown in shaded to partial to full sunlight areas. All 50+ samples from different parts of each tree have been extracted to yeild what might be hidden and where and how much, the findings are so far that full sunlight trees create more spice. The full sunlight trees have a more yellow tint to their bark than other specimens because they produce an odd yellow powder that predominates the reflected colour of the bark, this is the point where "sangomas" or witch doctors would harvest the bark for dream snuffs or tea as they call it.
Does anyone have any more information on this tree? I can't find much else regarding dmt content on the nexus. I have one near my home and would be interested to attempt an extraction.
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