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Acid / Water ratio

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i stumbled upon what im looking for some time back, however, i cant seem to find it again.

there was a page that gave the ratio of needed acid/H20 to amount of Naphtha pulled ie..
doing a mini A/B

after 5 pulls, lets say i end up with 1000 Ml of Nap. if i were to then do a mini A/B, is there a formula for the Acid/H20?
How much water do i use when adding Vin or in my case Muriatic?

thank you
what is the ratio.....formula to Basify the acidic soup the final time after Mini is finished?(done pulling the fats out with Nap while DMT is a salt).
Assuming you have 2% DMT content in your source material, work out how much that is for the amount of material used. Then allow 1 mole of HCl for each mole of DMT. For this to work you need to know the molar concentration of your HCl, then with the right arithmetic you'll know what volume of HCl to add.

Adding base is essentially the reverse, with the calculations based on molar quantities of NaOH, or whatever other base you use and will vary depending on the stoichiometry of the exact reaction concerned.

So, have a pop at the sums and I'll be happy to check your workings before you proceed with anything practical.
jerkjake said:
what happens if i make to large of an acidic solution? or to small? (Volume)

same with Base

thank you for helping me

If it's too acidic, then you'll need to add a lot more base to neutralise it, let alone to drive the pH to 12+. This will increase the working volume, and may be annoying to deal with, especially if the volume exceeds the container volume you are using for your extract. Adding too much base is not a problem, just wasteful.
I thought i read on here that boils can be done at a relatively neutral pH and it will still migrate in to the water. Is this not the case? Sounds like you guys are being careful about how much acid is required to create dmt-hcl in the water when i have seen people being rather un-strict about their acid content. Granted pH's below 2 definitely degrade dmt in all forms.
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