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Adding a note on bad vendors?


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More and more and more vendors keep mislabeling Alicia as B. caapi on purpose for the mere chance to make some money, when we don't even understand what it contains.. While some may do this on accident (which is understandable) we know for a fact through email exchanges that several of them are doing this intentionally.

So we were just discussing this in the chat after yet another case of this popped up today on the forum and i had this idea (i'm eating some dank gespacho atm :p )

‹gespacho› you know it might be worth making a small note about this in the nexus magazine that is going to come out
‹gespacho› and even list the vendors we know who are doing it on purpose
‹jamie› yes
‹gespacho› and then link them to it and tell them that this will keep happening if they dont straighten up

Do you think this would be a good thing to include in the magezine as a short note? At the very least it would help people become more aware of this problem and find out what they're really ingesting... and it could probably help influence vendors on being more truthful. Its just a shame so many are starting to do this and this looks like an easy non-hostile way to go about both making people aware of it and potentially fixing the problem. The e-zine will probably reach a huge amount of people once its released
Mentioning the vendors, even in a bad way, means more traffic to their sites. Also they might change their name or other vendors will start doing the same thing.

So the more sustainable thing to do would be to put this out as a bulletin to be wary about mislabeled vine and how know if you really have caapi or not.

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