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AL-LAD for introspection?

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Has anyone tried using this one for introspection?

My experience with it is limited to a very emphatic wordless conversation with a burning fire, and a busy purple world behind closed eyes.

It felt lysergic but not too deep, altough the previous research took place in a recreational setting, so set and setting and all that.

Just curious if anyone's had experience steering this one to introspective sessions. Thinking about dropping 200ug next week -- thoughts?
thanks for starting this thread; i too am very interested.
also interested in the dose you've chose to venture with...
please let us know how it goes, and what you discover...
best to you on your journey
2,5-dimethoxy-3,4-dimethyl-phenethylamine (2C-G) May be of interest to you, shulgin describes the compound as an "insight enhancer"

However LSD can have a powerful introspective and psychoanalytical quality to it, and I'm sure some of the other lysergamide compounds may also posses this property.

I can tell that 200 ug of 1-P does turn you into a really wise vegetable.

I was unable to move or speak and thought about everything.
What would have happened when and much more.
Yeah i've found this one to be fairly tame without losing it's psychedelic edge. It has definitely taken me to some introspective places without the sort of push that comes with LSD. But i've come to find i far prefer 4-aco-met for this purpose.
I've only tried AL-LAD once and had an altogether mild but strangely anomalous experience with it.
I took it on the tail-end of a barely-threshold mushroom "trip" (made some shroom tea from old shrooms which had lost most of their potency.). I experienced no visuals from the tea at all, only some slight enhanced visual acuity and a nice relaxed body high.

I took around 100ug of AL-LAD after I was decidedly baseline again 6 hours later.
There was only the mildest of visual distortions noticeable (expected), and some elusive closed eye visuals for a little while. I spent most of the trip lying down in the dark listening to music. One very strange thing that happened was that at times I had the sensation of my entire field of vision being "sucked away" instantly in the matter of a split-second slightly to a corner of my eye, whereafter my vision immediately reset itself to normal, only for the effect to haphazardly occur again every once and a while.
This is a strange sensation/visual I have never had on larger doses of LSD. After this experience, I have experienced this sober as well a few times (always while exhausted and trying to fall asleep), which has never occurred before (it seems to have gone away entirely now as well).

Strangely enough, the comedown of my 100ug AL-LAD experience was also a bit more introspective for me than I have experienced from 100-160ug of LSD at times, though it could be set/setting related for sure. Also counterintuitively, there was quite extreme muscle tension compared to LSD, to the point of nearly cramping up entirely for a good long while when going for a walk on the comedown (I had even taken magnesium beforehand).

All in all, that trip was very beneficial for me, I did some good thinking and the afterglow was very blissful, much the same as LSD. The color enhancement also stayed with me for a while the day afterwards, just as is the case with LSD. I now realize it was maybe a bit wasteful to take such a low dose, but at the same time, that anomalous glitchy "sucking" visual and the extreme muscle tension make me hesitant to take a larger amount. I will likely try 150ug later, freshly rested and in a good set/setting and see where it will take me then.
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