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A few months ago multiple individuals at an East Coast university were hospitalized after taking recreational doses of a substance they believed to be MDMA, but which was actually AB-FUBINACA, a potent cannabinoid.

As this substance does not mimic the effects of MDMA, and has been reported to lead to serious injuries and at least four deaths, it is unknown why it would be misrepresented as 'ecstasy' or 'molly'.

Now, the EcstacyData.org laboratory has received two additional samples of AB-FUBINACA sold as 'molly'.

As you can see, it reacts very, very differently than MDMA on a standard reagent test.

If you do choose to consume, always make sure to test your substances.


:!: Test it before you ingest it
Geez, who ever thought a potent synthnoid could EVER substitute for an entactogen. Surely there was a mix-up somewhere...

Could you imagine taking a 00 capsule of white powder, which turns out to be a novel synthnoid active at the microgram range, and perfectly orally active at that??
This is the nightmare fuel that should prevent you from just eating any powders that come your way...
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