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Alicia Anisopetala as admixture

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My recent experiment:

T 0:00: Drink 10g of Alicia anisopetala
T 0:30: I start feeling the effect, which was very much like caapi
T 1:10: Drink 200mg harmine + 200mg THH
T 1:20: Drink 7g chaliponga

The journey lasted a good 8-9 hours (!)
Oddly, I was able to fall asleep fairly easily, and even dozed off for a bit during the journey, which normally doesn't happen.

While on its own the Alicia felt like caapi, after drinking the harmine / THH / chali it felt different. I can't put my finger on it, but it was a beta-carboline-like feeling. I didn't quite like it though. It felt like a bit too much, so it could be either that it was too much, or its character is not to my taste. There was some sort of pressure. I was impressed by the long duration though.

The following day I had a strong afterglow.

I think I'll drink the rest of the brew on its own.
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