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ALL Straight To Base teks

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After reading a ton of different Teks, I still don't understand exactly how extraction works. I can follow a recipe, but I wish I knew the 'why' of what I'm doing. The DMT is in a salt form in the bark and I need to basify the MHRB to turn the DMT into It's freebase form (not sure what this mean etc.) The reason for the Naptha is to dissolve the DMT into it so it can be separated from the rest of the aqueous solution? So the Naptha now contains the DMT. After seperating the Naptha from the aqueous solution, why do you freeze precip it? Why not just let the Naptha evaporate thus leaving just the DMT?
I apologies for sounding like an idiot. I'm all set to do the extraction this weekend and I don't want to just follow directions without understanding what im doing. I really want to understand what each step is physically doing and why I'm doing it. Thanks in advance:)
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