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alternatives for recrystallization with naphta

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I always like to examine alternatives for existing teks, for fun and sometimes for a practical reason. Some people have bad freezers like me (the upper part of a small old fridge), so why not find another solvent or mixture that also has a steep cold/warm difference in solubility but doesn't require freezing to form crystals.

I was thinking about mixtures of aceton/water and alcohol/water. Some early experiments with alcohol/water were not promising, the DMT has trouble crystallizing from that even after total evaporation. Next time I'll look at aceton.

So here's the idea:
- put 100 mg of dmt in a small test tube with 10 ml of water
- stick this in a lukewarm water bath. The DMT should not melt.
- add drops of acetone until all is dissolved (measure the amount needed)
- let it cool, first to room temp and then in the fridge
- crystals should form. If not, evaporate everything to get the dmt back.

Any idea if this might work?

Finally had some time to try this.
Had to do it without measuring because I dropped the scales.
No success. The watery aceton (ca. 50/50) DMT solution was left to evaporate and slowly a precipitate formed, but a tiny fraction of what was put in.. redissolved all of it in acid to recycle the DMT. Maybe a higher aceton/water ratio is better.

The DMT doesn't seem to like to crystallize from watery ethanol or aceton solutions cooling down. Naphta seems the way to go for now.. reliable and proven.
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