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Amazing Diagnosis by Observation

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A Doctor's account of Diagnosis by Observation: Once I went to a Chinese pharmacy to buy herbs. There was a physician of Chinese medicine. He turned a woman's two little fingers back and forth and looked at them for a while. He asked, "Have you had a hysterectomy?" The lady said, "Yes, but how did you know?" He glanced at me, but did not answer that question. He started to criticize our modern doctors for operating on patients indiscriminately and that many women lost their uteri. This is a unique example of making diagnosis by observation. In Chinese medicine, it talks about observation, listening, asking, and pulsing. In the old Chinese medicine books, it states, "Diagnosis by observation is a divine being. Diagnosis by listening is a sage. Diagnosis by asking question is work accomplished. Diagnosis by pulsing is a skill. These four ways of making a diagnosis are mandatory for a student to learn. In the ancient times, the doctor always had an apprentice following him with a medicine chest. The apprentice had to go with the master to collect herbs in the mountain and make the herbs into useful ingredients at home. In such an environment, he slowly understood the whole process of medical care and, after a while, the master would pass his medical skills on to the apprentice. Nowadays, the majority of the physicians of Chinese medicine came from passing an exam or through the medical schools. The environment from the ancient times has been lost, so the skills of observation, listening, asking, and pulsing technique are getting worse. As A result, magical physicians are hard to coming by. In Li Defu's Ear Acupuncture (from Conversations in the Medicine Hill,) it said, "Ears are like a exhibit hall. They tell everything about a being. It's five major internal organs, the heart, liver, spleen, lungs, and stomach, its life, and its life history, all are visible from the outside. You take one look at them and then you know everything. You no longer need to ask any questions." One who sees and then knows everything is a divine being. One who hears and then knows everything is a sage. One who asks questions and then knows everything is work well accomplished. One who touches and then knows everything is skillful. In other words, he only needs to see a person's two ears, he will understand everything. "To see is to know" and that is divine.
I wish I had the ability to do that, or even the option to learn how. as for chinese medicines, they tend to taste like booty hole though. humans are so dense, for being so evolved, Im kind of ashamed.
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