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Amylase to Combat Cactus Mucilage

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After much lurking and learning, Im excited at the prospect of (hopefully) being able to contribute to this community.

Ive always been a lover of cacti. Its plentiful and sustainable. And has beautiful blooms that smell better than they look.

One thing nobody likes about cacti-- especially those who tend to work with it fresh-- is the mucilage. Its my understanding this snotty nuisance is composed of oligosaccharides/polysaccharides... Right?

If I were to begin processing a fresh batch of SP, I'd be inclined to add some amylase to the soup in hopes that it might break down the mucilage into simple sugars, which presumably would be much less of a nuisance.

Any thoughts? I searched but came up dry. If I should puzzle this out Ill report back.

Thanks :)
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