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An encounter with the cosmic jester

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Hi there,

I am new to this site and look forward to engaging in what seems like an awesome interactive community. I have been wanting to join for a while to discuss an experience I had a few months ago but always missed the wave of admittance, but today finally popped into the site at the right time! Anyway, just wanted to share my first breakthrough experience. The curious thing about this experience was that it happened in a dream and not through smoking. Straight after the experience (which was by far the most intense of my life) I realised that it was a dmt awakening. This was validated after a quick online search in which I saw other users reporting similar experiences from smoking DMT.

Anyway, I will explain the dream/trip. It began when I was in a forest canopy with loads of elf like children creatures. I was like a Peter Pan figure and we were performing the most amazing feats, flying through the air, devoid of material bodies and gravity. It was a feeling of pure innocence and joy, lightheartedness and wonder. After a while in this mythical forest canopy there was a voice in my awareness which said, "you have enjoyed the heights but now you must face the depths". I was then plunged through the earth in utter darkness, like an elevator had given way and was freefalling at a crazy rate. I eventually ended up in a darkened subterranean room. There were two people (guardians), sitting by the entrance to a dark underground tunnel, the entrance to hell. They told me that I needed to face my fears and meet the devil. Obviously there was a tremendous amount of fear around this and I was at first unwilling to go down this tunnel as it represented the pit of all anxiety and fear of death. I tried to meditate to ease the fear but my nose was blocked and I felt incredibly heavy. I eventually and spontaneously realised that in order to go down the tunnel and face the devil I had to do so by breaking past the seeming control that these guardian entities had on me. There was a voice within me that said I had to "break the script". Somehow I realised that these entities and others in this subterranean realm were somehow controlling things and I had to break past that to be free. I took the plunge and went down the tunnel, racing through a Labrinth like network of tunnels. On my way down there were many other people I had to get past, who were all talking to one another over the phone trying to stop me from braking the script.

I evtually came to the final room of the Labrinth which was at the very centre of the earth and upon entering it was attached to a kind of virtual reality machine. This was when the full "breakthrough" happened. When attached to this machine I was existing in multiple dimensions at once and this machine was somehow creating the universe. The machine was a being and this being was the cosmic joker- who was dancing the cosmic Nataraja dance, the dance of shiva. Shiva was wearing a jester hat. I realised I had been here before and that I was home. Everything was a cosmic joke. Many things were going on while tied to this machine, I was having dental work by the machine (having my teeth whitened I think), there was also the most beautiful music I have ever heard playing and coming from this supreme being were tarot cards, emanating in a blissful exuberant display. I had never heard much about tarot, always thought it to be hippie stuff, but these were deeply magical and significant. It's hard to say how long it lasted, but eventually came down and moving from that state of oneness with this supreme being, the devil came back (represented in the dream by a malicious flatmate of mine, who was poking me with a dagger). This was all part of the joke though. It faded out as I tried to explain the experience to others, with the intensity easing off until I eventually awoke in a state of utter astonishment. It felt like an encounter with a universal, cosmic mind, God.

Even stranger still, a huge syncronisity happened about two weeks later. I magically stumbled on a book called "the secret teaching of all ages" by a mystic called manly. P. Hall about two weeks later and after reading it realised that many others had met this supreme being. I believe the elusinian mysteries, Greek rites of which nobody knows what happened at, were used to awake this cosmic being. According to the book, when Plato was initiated into the mysteries he stood on the tablet of Isis, a tablet whose primarily egytpain symbols when awoken in the right logical connection would facilitate the experience of the divine. Anyway, the person most famed for deciphering the tablet, saw it as a representation of the tarot. At the centre was infinite mind, who this guy concluded was a jester or juggler and the fourth dimensional point from which the rest of the tarot came forth from, the elusive 0 tarot card . Very clearly the same reality which I witnessed in the dream. Sorry for the long post, but there was slot to say and probably missed stuff out too. Needless to say this has really changed things and the dream was without doubt the most mind-bending intense experience I have ever had, or I think ever will have. Any comments on similar experiences or just guidance/ understanding would be much appreciated! Thanks!
This is an interesting report. Did you ever smoke DMT ? I ask this because I do not decipher for sure from your report if you did or not. If not, I would be glad to hear after it happens, if you still consider your dream a DMT trip. Only then a comparison is valuable.

The reason for my question is this. A long, long time ago, when I was a little kid, I had an intense dream. When it was over I knew for sure it was something else, not a normal dream, but something far more deep and impressive. A short time later this happened a second time. And since then it never came back.

But years and years later, now about two years ago, I extracted DMT and started to smoke it. After some sub break throughs I suddenly realized myself what those dreams from the past were. The visuals, the colors, it was al the same. Crazy to say but I am sure those two dreams were spontaneous DMT trips. But I only knew this after smoking the holy substance.

Bye the way, I think your report should be placed in another thread.
thanks for your reply! Your experiences sound interesting with dreams in the past, I certainly think there is a big connection between dreams and dmt!

I have tried dmt twice, yes, but never with a full breakthrough, my lungs couldn't take it. The first time I definitely had the same feeling of a mythic, cosmic joke like encounter, but nothing of the same intensity as in the dream. I immediately and intuitively recognized it as a DMT trip after the dream. For like 6 months now I have been doing a yogic practice morning and evening to stimulate 3rd eye and on the evening prior to the dream the practice went very well and could feel my 3rd eye pulsing by the end of it. The morning after the experience I looked up trip reports to try and validate that it was a dmt experience and the very first video i watched was by Joe Rogan explaining his encounter with a joker/jester entity and his explanation was exactly the same.

As for this being in the wrong post, I think this is the only one I have access to because I am a new member?
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