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an idea on sublingual salvia..could it work?

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I found this discussion on oral salvia tincture and wondered could it work?

The idea suggests that most oral salvia is destroyed by our stomach acid? ..thats why oral doesnt work to well.. but this idea below suggests taking an antiacid like the proton pump inhibitor ..prilosec over the counter... then after 30 minutes using salvia tincture sublingualy or just swallow it down ...maybe it would let atleast some of the tincture work oraly??

read below........

And it's a really intriguing idea! Assuming it works, I wonder what kind of antacid would work best. Also, how much would it be necessary to take? Would have to do some experimentation.

If it turns out that it does work, maybe it could also be used in combination with the sublingual method. You'd first take a dose of antacid and give it some time (maybe 10 or 15 minutes?) to take effect. Then you'd use the sublingual tincture in the normal way, swallowing what's left in your mouth after you've kept it under your tongue for the recommended amount of time. The reduction in stomach acidity caused by the antacid might prevent a lot of the salvinorin A in what you swallowed from getting deactivated, thereby increasing the intensity and/or duration of effects. Of course if you did notice such an increase, it'd be hard to rule out the placebo effect. So for testing purposes, might be better just to immediately swallow the tincture, rather than holding it under your tongue. Even then, could be tough to rule out the placebo method, unless you took a large enough dose to produce really strong effects. So putting the tincture in capsules would probably be best, because then you could compare the effects with that of placebo capsules chosen randomly without prior knowledge of which one you chose.
FYI if you are interested in the topic, I've felt effects orally after mixing salvia cold acetone extract with HPBCD in alcohol and drying the mixture. Then, dissolving the resulting powder in water and drinking it. This needs to be repeated by myself and others to make sure it does work.

There are also teas with enzyme inhibitors (e.g thymeleaved sandwort) we are looking at to boost oral effects and make a "salviauasca". I've grow this plant and it is ready to make a tea.

Good luck with your own experiments :)
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