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An ode to the spice

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Dear reader,

this will not be an experience report nor an explanation,
this will be an ode to the one of the most fascinating compounds that ever came my way, the spice.

Having experienced the spice, in a variety of doses, in pure form or with banisteropsis caapi,
it awakened the philosophical curiosity inside of me and does this not by giving answers but by shattering the world, beyond recovery, as far as i am concerned, in a good way.

I do this writing, because it helps me to articulate about what I have seen and to connect with same headed beings, because despite i have not seen my pipe for a long time, the implications of the experiences it provided me, appear to me month later and will continue to do.

I have made post where I tried to explain what happened to me and I feel like a fool for doing so, because the experience can not be described.
The breakthrough experience takes me out of my body and into another world, a world full of mysteries and wonders which may be the reason for this forum.

You can say that your brain and your consciousness are running a prank on you but this does
not solve the problem, because it raises the question if there even is anything more than consciousness.
There is no body to be left but just the mind which transforms into a different kind of being.

I have always seen myself as a critical thinker and not of the religious kind indeed but it may be the time to accept that famous Philosophical proposals are very well a possibility.
For example Rene Decardtes “cogito ergo sum” in which he makes very clear, that he only thing we can really be certain about, is the existence of our awareness and nothing else.
Or Emanuel Kant's suggestion that time and space is an a priori condition of the mind, which has to exist before we can make any human experience.
Not to forget the great thinker Platon who proposed that we can only see the shadows of the real world, like we would see the shadows of our world on a wall beside a camp fire.

Despite these Philosophical questions never have been proven, there are now famous neuroscientists like Donnald Hoffman who have the opinion that the human experience inside time and space is just a headset through which we experience our reality.
Brian Cox, a well known Physicists also proposes the possibility that experiments show, that time and space may not be the fundamental force as we proposed for the last 200 years.

And over all this, there are watching the different kinds of religions, which may be only a pale shadow of what they have been a long time ago and despite that fact, picture similar things.

I am not qualified at all to make certain assumptions but even when all the above is wrong,
the spice showed me one thing with certainty...

that our world is magic in its purest form, so pure that you wont believe it even if somebody
would be able to describe it...
it is so magical that we cant see it, even when it is right in front our eyes the whole time.

In this sense, DMT for me, is a way of seeing the indescribable and of believing the unbelievable.

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful time.
Wish we could bottle it. I gave up trying to explain the experience also feeling like a fool. There is nothing more interesting to me than DMT. It has shown me the be ok with not understanding, not believing and not being. When the experience is over I often have the feeling like everything is just as it should be, a feeling like home is right inside my mind, a feeling of complete awe and wonder.
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