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Anadenantheras - Vilca - Yopo

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Mr&Mrs McShulfman

Rising Star
One of my names is Vilca.

They gave me the name anadenanthera.

I have different faces :

- One of my faces is solar. It matches with the name anadenanthera colubrina.

This face grows in low to mid altitude. It is the most common.

Information and knowledge from the sun. Can travel through light.

- One of my faces is beast. It match with the name anadenanthera colubrina but is different.

Very rare, only people who master metamorphosis are allowed to find me and take me.

I am big cats, tigers and jaguars. Reptiles stay behind.

- One of my faces is crystal. Grows in high altitude. Match with the name anadenanthera colubrina but is different.

I am pure crystaline vision.

No vomit with me, I can be mixed with the other ones.

In mountains I am Vilca, anadenanthera colubrina.

In jungle I am Yopo, Parica, anadenanthera peregrina.

In jungle I am water. People can travel through organic and inorganic life with the vibration of water.

I allow metamorphosis too.

I have medicine for humans in seeds and rootbark. When you take me I clean your nervous system. Vibrations, energy cleaning, vomit or diarrhea. I enter into your column and talk. Take me until you are clean. I am a base for the vision to open. I am child games and joy. Take me without fear I fix your brain. Soon or late you won't feel any discomfort with me anymore. Clean your body and take me in large quantities, everyday if you can.

5-ho-dmt is base for vision.
DMT is vision
5-meo-dmt is like blade that cut vision
4-ho-dmt is uppest peak of vision

All of this is like pineapple that resonate with vibrations.
Big clock, day, night, seasons, stars, sleep, death.
Substances are nothing, they only activate communication.

The greatest one is tobacco. He reaches every little part of the body, go through every tissue of the brain and talk to DNA. With enough tobacco in the body you communicate with everything, no limitation. Just be brave and drink it the more you can the more often possible. Remember he can kill you.

Once you are clean with tobacco you are allowed to take me in bigger quantity.
Prepare my seeds with lime or ashes for sniffing and smoking. Grounded with water for enemas and purges. Fermented with sugar for parties. Take me with tobacco. Drink his juice, chew his leaves, smoke it, make enemas and purges. Put his juice into your eyes and rubb your skin with it. Remember he can kill you.

Now chew ayahuasca or drink it. Take me by sniffing the powder.
When you smoke my seeds our your extract burn and inhale slowly, deeply. Fill your lungs if you can. Take your time. Hold the smoke until you feel a deep pression on your chest. Hold more and feel me enter your heart.
Remember I am vibrations of light from the sun. My target is the liver, nausea. Then the heart, the blood vessels and the tissues. HARDER BETTER FASTER STRONGER.
Feel my trunk growing into your chest, then your throat, your tongue, the saliva glands. Spit
Let's work now on the base of your head, slowly entering to reach the gland and stimulate.

I just do that so you can see me.

Learn how to sing.

Play. If it is not a pleasure then stop.
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