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Anamolous route to jungle spice/DMT blend?

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I haven't read any extraction teks that describe producing what appears to be (at least in large part) jungle spice in quite this way. Input is requested!

I recently performed my first M. Tenuiflora/hostilis extraction. Actually my first extraction of tryptamines ever. After an assessment of extraction teks I chose to do an a/b drytek, mainly due to my naive (I think) assumption that an a/b extraction would be a more efficient method than stb and only having calcium hydroxide available for a base.

First I'll describe the extraction, then I'll describe the character and effects of the product. Then I'll make mouth noises on paper and gesticulate spastically.

*30gm powdered MHRB was placed in a quart widemouth mason jar.

*About 100ml tapwater was acidified with about 15ml 1:1 solution of citric acid and water by volume PLUS 15ml household vinegar.

*Most of this 130ml solution was used to make a relatively loose "wet oatmeal paste" from the MHRB in the jar.

*The loosely lidded jar of paste was placed in a boiling water bath for 2 hours, mixing and mashing the paste often with a wooden spoon.

*Water bath temp was reduced to around 180-190f and the hotplate turned off.

*Calcium hydroxide was added slowly, macerating the paste against the jar bottom with an oak dowel and adding base until it was nearly unworkable. This took a half hour.

*Concurrently, 200ml naptha in another jar was placed in the water bath for 30 minutes, then added to the paste jar which was then returned to the hot water bath and stirred/mashed often until the bath had cooled completely.

*The naptha was decanted to a 6oz jar. This was a very easy and clean decanting, I made no attempt to "get it all". This was the only pull I did on the material at this time, the remaining paste/solvent mix was refrigerated for a later pull.

*After 24 hrs in the freezer the naptha was still relatively clear light yellow with a thin film of tiny crystals on the bottom.

*The naptha was placed in a rectangular pyrex dish and evaporated to around 25% of it's original volume then returned to the jar and placed in the freezer for another 24 hours. This naphtha was quite white and opaque.

*After 24 hrs there was still no appreciable precipitation. I returned the naptha to the pyrex dish and evaporated it outdoors in direct sunlight. I intended to reduce the solvent to 25% volume again and refreeze but I did not quite catch it in time. The naptha had evaporated leaving a thick red oil that tended to slide under the razor blade I was trying to collect it with. I gave up on collecting it and refrigerated the whole dish.

Even after refrigeration the oil was difficult to scrape. I managed to get a hemisphere of oil about .177cm in circumference dabbed on the inner wall of my oil burner. I took two big hits (all of the pipeload) and sat back and closed my eyes.

I didn't "blast off". There was no tunnel, no doorway, no chrysanthemum. No carrier wave. Just a slowly dawning perception that my awareness was suspended in a dome of darkness like the blackest night sky shrunk to the size of a football stadium, I had strong euphoria very much like a heavy opiate dose. I opened my eyes calmly, saw the world was still there and closed them again.

As soon as my eyes closed I became my brain. I was suspended in the black dome, convoluted and glistening. There was a "pop!" and thousands of red, green, yellow, blue, purple and schrayple (?) colored tentacles reached down and surrounded my brain/me. They wriggled and palpitated my me, some lightly tapping the surface, some wiggling like huge epileptic pinworms as if trying to dig into the interstices of my grey matter. They moved from the tip first, the "wriggle" moving up the tentacles in the opposite fashion of a cracking whip. They had intention, it seemed. I had the sense that each tentacle was acting independently while being part of a larger directing force. It was absolutely the most unique thing ever. The entire event felt like nothing less than a day at a health spa, concerned professionals tending to my needs.

This was my first experience with smoalked DMT.

*Back on the planet*

I found it almost impossible to scrape more oil up, regardless of how cold I got the dish. I eventually dropped 15ml of 75% ethanol (California everclear)in the dish and moved the oil in the ethanol via razor until dissolved.

The solution was evaporated slowly. I had the dish propped up so all the stuff was in one corner, as the last of the ethanol was leaving I tilted the dish and a runner of pale yellow oil slid away from the bulk of the red oil. When fully evaporated there was a 6" x 1/2" deposit of half red and half pale yellow oil along the angle of the dish between the bottom and side. Once collected on the razor, the "yellow" oil turned light red and stayed that color when dabbed on the side of my oil burner. This confused me a bit. Now I was really curious as to what was really going on. Rather than smoking the dark red, then yellow, then light red oil that was in my pipe I figured I'd keep my focus and try a second pull on the MHRB with room temp naptha.

I just barely covered the fridge-cold MHRB (still a bit solvent/water wet from the previous pull) with naptha and mashed and stirred for an hour. I decanted straight to an evap dish (again, very clean and easy). As soon as it hit the dish crystals began forming. Small but bright white. As it sloooowly evaporated to the last film of naptha, the crystals grew larger, still bright white with no tinting. I watched as the last of the naptha evapped and suddenly 90% of my beautiful snowdrops collapsed into a crystal clear sheen of oil.

I haven't tried either the yellow/light red or deep red oil left after the ethanol re-solve OR the clear, slightly crystalline oil yet but I plan to soon. I can't even guess what my yield is and I still plan on doing a couple more pulls.

Wild conjecture time.

*None of my opinions or ideas have any merit. I'm a rank noob with only basic knowledge of chemistry.*

That said; really?
Two different acids? I have no clue why I did that but it seems to be the only real departure from other teks that I have seen. So were acetates AND citrates swimming in the soup before basing or did one overpower the other? Does it matter? The vinegar was 5% and the citric was made by placing 2" citric acid powder in a column with 2" of tapwater. Ideas, opinions and rank speculation are appreciated.

Was it the hot naptha? I think I have read that hot naptha picks up some vagrant compounds.

Two acids, pickling lime, hot naptha, minimal water, hot sun evap, wooden spoons and white oak stirring sticks, plus my complete lack of experience. Too many variables for my head.

Can I maybe pull the DMT out and separate it from the rest? I'm not sure I even want to, I liked it as is so much.

Is there any way to get the same result without evaporating my solvent?

Did I even get jungle spice?

I have no way to know. I suppose I could save a dab and do a TLC when I can afford to or even re-create the whole deal if I had to. Heck, I plan on it anyway. Whatever it is I'm fairly certain there's DMT in it but it was nothing like any DMT trip I've heard or read about. Yeah, there were wicked keen visuals and an entity of sorts but it was just so gentle coming on and so entirely euphorically stress free. I honestly don't think I could have had a much better cherry popper.

till next time , ahskě:nę hę (Peace)
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