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Ancient Entheogenic Acacia Use & Alchemical Traditions

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Ancient Entheogenic Acacia Use & Alchemical Traditions
- let’s get this talk by P. D. Newman happening here

Hello Nexians 👁

A GoFundMe page has been created for an event happening on Saturday the 14th of Jan 2023 at 12pm - a discussion of ancient entheogenic acacia use by American author P.D. Newman.

The event will be held in the Egyptian Room at the Masonic Temple, in Petersham, Sydney!

A donation to the GoFundMe secures your spot:

- $50 General entry

- $75 General entry and a signed copy of one of the author's books

- $100 General entry and signed copies of BOTH the author's books!

Gofundme link: Ancient entheogenic Acacia use talk - P.D. Newman, organized by Khalil Reda

The author's books:

facebook event link:

The hosts are trying to raise $6000 ($755 down - $5245 to go!!) to cover flights, venue hire, hotel, etc for the author - Would love to have any of you there, or if you just want to chip in to make our dreams come true, this is also appreciated 🙂


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