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Android /iOS Apps for Plant, Flower ID

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I didn't see anyone else post anything regarding this so i figured a lot of people might find this to be extremely helpful. :)
This is just one among quite a few apps out there. However I personally found this one to be the most accurate. And its also free.
Definitely not trying to promote the app, just thought it'd be pretty helpful to others on here, as it is for me

I think, that it's too early for this kind of apps, maybe can help a little but i don't know how big is the database and i works good, but i never tried...

One thing that can be very helpful is...i don't know the english translation but are liek key botanicals book, you start the id of a plants in a inverse way...the book is question that point to other question...is a plants ? go to page x, is a mushroom ? go to page y...etc etc and you arrive to the correct id, you need also a good botanicals knowledge...but an app with this keys of all the flora know could be great :)
Should you really be uploading psychedelic (illegal) plants to a database linked to your iTunes / Play Store account? I use one myself but only for non-jail-inducing identifications. Seems foolish to me.
yes, if linked....better a good botanical knowledge reading books...and practice outside on the field :) ;-)
xa said:
yes, if linked....
How do you download from Google Play / iTunes Store without linking an e-mail address and credit card? Yes, it is possible with extreme effort but you don't seem to cover that in the OP -- something you might want to do when suggesting members download an app only to perform identification of psychedelic plants.

Similar to our guidelines with research compounds this kind of warning should accompany the OP as to avoid making recommendations that could potentially harm members.
i don't understand...i mean a real book with botanicals keys or a sort of ebook and stop, no connection no linking.
xa said:
i don't understand...i mean a real book with botanicals keys or a sort of ebook and stop, no connection no linking.
The app you link works by taking a picture of the plant/flower and uploads it to a computer to match that particular plant/flower to a known database. When you download the app the publisher automatically links your email address to the photos. Do you think it wise to upload a bunch of illegal plants to the app, therefore directly linking you to illegal activities?

To me it seems foolish but hey, this kind of paranoia keeps me out of jail. At the very least you should understand what you're recommending before suggesting it to a community of underground psychedelic hobbyists who may or may not be computer savvy and who may or may not value their freedom.
I understand what you guys are getting at, but I never meant that this should be used for identifying illegal plants. Suppose I should have pointed that out. My bad.
Also, AFAIK most plants that are talked about on the Nexus are actually legal in a lot of places. It's just that they are used by people to make illegal substances. Taking a picture and identifying a plant thus poses no risk at all. Because honestly, it could be a jolly old man wanting to identify this random plant growing in his backyard. Its not like law enforcement is gonna come knocking at his door and suspect that he cooks dmt off the plant or something.
With proper caution and some tact, most would be able to use this app to their benefit. If one lives in a country where the law is extremely watchful regarding such activities, it is recommended you only use the app for identifying legal plants. Preferably ones which are relatively common, to avoid further suspicion.
And I'm not saying this app can identify anything and is a better or more reliable source than books, journals etc. It is meant as a helpful tool for someone relatively inexperienced or one dealing with a plant difficult to identify. It is not foolproof or 100% accurate .
As for linking, its a free app; Android users can use it without linking their personal details quite easily, if that is your worry.
And lastly, but MOST IMPORTANTLY:
When you click a picture of the relevant plant in the application, what it does is provide you with ALL the possible plants it COULD be. Along with the names, it provides pictures of the plant which you use for reference so as to identify it. And AFTER you have identified your plant, it is up to you whether you choose to confirm which plant you successfully identified(so you can just select a legal plant) OR you may not even confirm anything at all, meaning that either the app failed to provide the concerned plant in its list or you merely chose not to share the information.
It DOES however use your location to make the database more helpful or perhaps for the reason we fear.
All in all, I think this can be very helpful to others, as it has been for me, to get at least a rough ID on plants you have little idea about. Heck it may be quite useful to people who've been doing this stuff for years.
But if one does not get a sure shot ID, this forum is the place you should come to without hesitation. Do not ever be 99% sure, it's always better to be a 100% sure when it comes to identifying such plants. Failure in identification can have very grave consequences. There are a lot many very similar looking plants out there, of which we are often looking for a specific strain.

Simply thought this is plenty useful :) after reading the above you can decide for yourself if you want to use the app.


EDIT: Screenshots added for clarification. Also, i understand some people may not be as tech savvy so do feel free to ask any questions you may have. I shall try my best to answer them accurately so that you may decide for yourself if you want to use the app or not!


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Thanks for the heads up, very interesting! I wonder how well it works, with plants like acacias and others that we are interested in... also I wonder if there is a way to help with the database.

I actually wanted to develop a similar app with a friend, good to know it is out there already so I dont waste my time :D
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