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Anime Fans?

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Hi everyone,

are there any anime fans here? i have seen some anime/manga related avatars around.

what are your favorites?
also any psychedelic anime you could recommend

the first thing that comes to my mind when talking about psychedelic anime is "Serial Experiments Lain" but recently i saw "Kado: the right answer". For anybody interested in DMT this is worth a shot.
(to be clear: i like the anime despite them wasting a lot of potential but it is nowhere close to the glory of other shows like FMA)

on my trippy Anime to watch list:
Cat Soup
Ulim said:
Pop team epic. Not really psychedelic.

More like totally f'ed up

i think it is the most fucked up thing i have ever seen.
so far i am 2 episodes in
+1 for Serial Experiments Lain. My very most favorite anime. :thumb_up:

Not necessarily psychedelic, but if you are into the dystopian utopia thing, PsychoPass is worth a watch and is fairly mindbending.

Disclaimer: It's pretty gorey and not exactly trip friendly.

As far as great stuff to watch tripping all the Studio Ghibli films are A+.
dreamer042 said:
Not necessarily psychedelic, but if you are into the dystopian utopia thing, PsychoPass is worth a watch and is fairly mindbending.

i watched psychoPass just a few weeks ago, i was very impressed by the first season.

currently i am watching "The Disastrous Life of Saiki K"
not really psychedelic but so much fun
All the one listed up there are greats, I would add everything from Masaaki Yuasa sensei. Kaiba is superbly psychedelic and abstract, but all his work are infused with a healthy dose of opened perception. His adaptation of Tayo Matsumoto's (a great master!) Ping Pong was amazing too.

Mushishi and Ergo Proxy were spirited in their own, and very different, way.

I will also add a fench goldy named Lastman. It's a anime prequel to a great manga serie - best thing I've read in a while - of the same name. The anime stands on its own and was crowdfunded, great vibes all around.
I'm a crazy fan of the entire Dragon Ball franchise (except GT. I have purged that from my memory).

The only other anime's i've watched are Rurouni Kenshin and a bit of Naruto.
Not too big into anime anymore, but I absolutely love Death Note. I'm sure most have heard about it over and over again by this point, but it's always worth recommending on the off chance someone hasn't seen it yet.
I may have found a home in this thread!

I have watched DB(Dragonball) from the beggining. Yes GT was a little... out there, but it did have some good episodes and characters. Speaking of DB, New Super episode airs tonight!

I've watched dozens of anime. My favorite of all time has to be 'Wolf's Rain,' that's actually where my avatar came from and I named my Siberian after Kiba. I've always had a fascination with wolves.

As mentioned before 'Death Note' is awesome. Dont watch the live action movie.

Ruroni Kensin is great, just don't watch the movie.
Yu yu Hakusho
Samurai Shamploo
Cowboy Bebop
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Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood. This one is good. However, they left out details that were included in the first one, but still make reference to in Brotherhood. Both series are worth a watch.

RWBY(unique and different animation style. Awesome writing, gets a little more adult if you give it a chance.)
Mob Psycho 100
Blue Exorsist
Mobile Fighter G Gundam
Mobile Suit Gundam Wing
Soul Eater
Juni Taisen: Zodiak War
Rage of Bahamut: Genesis

...to name a few that spring to mind. Most of these came out in the 90's ish but they are still good today, at least to me.

As far a psycadelic anime. Mob Psycho has some pretty good visuals here and there.

I haven't seen either "Serial Experiments Lain" or "Kado: the right answer" but I'll for sured check them out.
If your looking for psychedelic visuals... This isn't an anime but it sprang to mind. There's a show called 'Off the Air that aired on Adult Swim for a little bit. Here's one of the episodes.

I will note these videos can get pretty weird and watch with caution if you plan on tripping to them.

@Tak0010: Colors looks very interesting, thanks for sharing
@Ulim: i watched 4 episodes Pop Team Epic yesterday... i am hooked. also it took me a while to figure out that it is intentional that each episode airs twice with different voice actors

i know comedy is a genre within anime that is very difficult to recommend but here are a few shows i really enjoyed:

Ouran Koukou Host Club
Hozuki's Coolheadedness (if you watch this one, i did not like the first episode... from there onward it was pure gold)
Recovery of an MMO Junkie
Fruits Basket
KonoSuba: God's Blessing on This Wonderful World!
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. (if it does not bother you that this one has hardly any overall story - this one is amazing)
Tanaka-kun is Always Listless
Pretty much everything made by Studio Ghibli is amazing - particularly Nausicca, Princess Mononoke, Spritited Away, Pom Poko, and Castle in The sky

Other awesome (and trippy) animes that id recommend:

FANTASTIC PLANET - a must see! french animated film from the 70s about aliens who keep humans as pets. super cool super trippy. they have a dubbed version

Samurai Champloo
Cowboy Bebop
Space Dandy (kinda trippy, or more just brightly japanese pop psychedelic)
Tekkonkinkreet (kinda trippy)
Short Piece (kinda trippy 4 or 5 short non-related stories/films)
Memories (kinda trippy 4 or 5 short non-related stories/films)
Metropolis (about Ai/robots and consciousness)
Ghost in the Shell (about Ai/robots and consciousness)
Triplettes of Bellville (super unique style of animation. not "anime" )
Aeon Flux - fro MTVs liquid television. super cool bad ass animation style

also not technically a anime but "A Scanner Darkly" is really fucking awesome. Phillip K Dick story with a cool animated overlay style to the movie. plus its got an awesome cast and is about a new hallucinogenic drug called substance D...how bout that haha

And yea I also second the adult swim show "Off The Air" so amazing. I think all their episodes are available to watch either on youtube or on adultswims website. Other good adult swim brain candy is Tim and eric and Tim and Eric Bedtime stories
Another animated film that is not anime (Rotoscoped like A Scanner Darkly), but would be of great interest to readers here: Waking Life.
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