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Another single-pull test, another positive result!

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Using the 4th and 5th boils of 250g of MHRB for this test, these boils were reduced and divided based on weight.

Equal weights of NaOH solution added to each container.

Container 1 is pulled with ~100ml of naptha, mixed 4x for aproximately 1 minute every 10-15 minutes for a total of 40 minutes.
Container 2 is pulled with 30-35ml of naptha mixed continuously for 5 minutes 3 times at 10 minutes, 25 minutes and 40 minutes.
The naptha pulls are separated from the black teas.

approximately equal volumes of vinegar are added to the naptha pulls

It takes over an hour for the naptha's cloudiness to subside, seeming to have nothing to do with how much mixing is done.

Separately the volumes of vinegar were reduced to under 10ml, then evaporated on a flat glass dish. DMT acetate tends to be yellow-brown and more brown with later pulls.

When measured the weights were as follows:
Experiment 1 (1 long pull) = ~280mg
Experiment 2 (3 short pulls) = ~290mg

My scale is not the best, these numbers could be off by 20-30mg. But it is clear that they are very close.


What I do believe is that fewer and longer pulls can be used to achieve similar yields with far less work, at least in this A/B with NaOH.

I think it would be unwise to assume these results will extrapolate to lime or sodium carbonate extractions. It would be very interesting to see if they do, but I do not have any powdered MHRB, nor do I plan to order any in the near future... so the question will remain.
Recently I tried doing two larger pulls as opposed to three smaller ones.

About 125ml each on 50g of MHRB powder and fine fiber. The method was STB and no heat was applied at any point. After cooling the solution may have been barely above room temp (minuscule amount of residual heat from lye). I Mixed each pull 3x for under a minute each, with only a couple of minutes between as the two phases separated. The first pull was saturated and clean, the second was not saturated and was not as clean as the first. It had more of that straw colour but less DMT.

I combined the pulls and evaporated them down to 100ml, redissolved any dmt on the glass with gentle heating and swirling before freeze precipitation. The yield was over 750mg. That's already 1.5% and there is still residue on the glass and some DMT is always left in the naphtha.

I could have probably got it all in one pull using a little less naphtha.
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