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Another Trip

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well its almost time for bed but i thought id share this one before i go.
I had enough spice for 2 hits left so i thought i would introduce one of my good mates to the madness. It was quite funny at first i noticed a calendar from a chineese take away on the wall called "new spice house" that made me smile =]. Anyway i loaded up the pipe and explained to my mate what to do and whats going to happen. He took his first hit a big one but ended up caughing it all out need less to say he never got there.
I loaded up the pipe for a second time, it was my turn to take the launch pad. I had the usual anticipation butterflies etc. I blasted the pipe got most of it in one go and cleared the rest on the second. I got in to my usual "fetal" position on the bad and closed my eyes. Once again it was so strange it started off with the art glowing all around me and kept getting deeper. I ended up in a place full of colour and beings that were one with their surroundings. It was weird it was as if i was placed in the center in the position i was lying down in. The beings that were there had only one agenda, to care for me. I soaked in my surroundings as long as i could but after a while it started to fade. The last thing i can remember is being touched before i left. i had never felt anything like it it was where my face should have been i was at the half way back point by now and they were getting further and further away from me. The touch was almost cheeky/playful in way where my nose should have been. When i was fully back was still feeling very speechless and over whelmed and privileged to be able to experience that unbelievable place.

thanks for reading guys just had to try and explain that to people who wouldnt think I'm nuts =P
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