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sorry for the downtime my friends....i wasn't able to make it into town for a couple days to keep you up on SWIM's hyjinx...but i just found a computer at the airport i can use...i'll relay SWIM's day 4 tale and then send you all a very special day 5 report complete with a SWEEEEEET PHOTO for your enjoyment... :d

in SWIM's own words:

Day 4 was to be an experiment. in a nutshell, it was all about trying to see if the latest Zoe7 novel had anything in it for me. i took two large droppers of straight salvia tincture and then, at the peak of an extemely strong journey, i managed to place a vg filled with pure spice to my lips and light it....

let me preface the experience with this: i PRAYED and PRAYED allllll day long on this one. i knew it was going to be intense. i knew my set had to be buttoned up tight. i knew i was in for something profound....and possibly terrifying. :shock:

so as i put began to administer the tincture, i had spoken with the salvia spirit at great length to let her know what i was up to. i told her that i wanted to offer up something to her. something that i had been working with that had been helping me tremendously get in touch with the divine....i wanted her approval.

i'm not sure if anyone else gets this with salvia, but a physical feeling i can only liken to one of those big "domino runs" (you know, when you put dominoes one after the other then tip one and off they go...) i get that feeling like they are going all over my body....like i'm being "unzipped" then "rezipped" over and over...i used to get freaked out a little by that but i've since learned to go with it and it literally feels like i'm being peeled down layer by layer now....but in a "good" way....😉

so now i'm being peeled and it's very difficult to do anything that requires physical dexterity...like....light a pipe...but my intent is strong....and i manage.

BOOM! i'm in a place like nowhere i've been so far. jungle and serpents but the trees and "air" has the familiar aura of sacred glyphs and faces that i see almost every time i got into hyperspace. a true fusion of two very unique medicines.
almost like watching something on the discovery channel, i start to watch the queen begin to play with her new energy-toy! it's beyond awesome to watch. kind of like watching a professional car racer get behind the wheel of a formula 1 car....times a milllion. she knew everything about the spice, how to work with it, how to manipulate it, how to make even MORE magic out of magic. i watched almost like a student being given a master-class on how to work with spice. when i came back to my living room meditation space i had launched from i began to cry. hard. with the new-found awareness of just how powerful a tool DMT is. i was just shown/told by power-beyond-power that is was magic and as i grow with it, my ability to "use" it will also grow.

so very, very profound.

so- when i get home this evening i will put of the final installment and throw in a couple of pics guaranteed to make any psychonaut grin...:lol:

i feel so blessed to have been able to do this work for the benefit of our "family".

yes yes yes!!! Finally someone else to verify my own reports! These 2 are like the most magically magnificant synergystic medicine when belnded in the right perportions...I get really panoramic jungle and other earth-based landscapes opening up to me, with the tryptamine cities there as well. I keep the salvia dosage really low when I combine the 2 though..I dont need much anyway, even the smallest pinch of plain leaf and I can still feel it "opening me" if I sit still. It seriousily gives the visions this 360 degree panoramic quality unlike anything I have seem with tryptamines alone..no extracts though..I doubt that could go over well.
..reading youre last report antrocles, seems we must both live in this here magical mountain city!..sea to sky on mescaline..havent tried that yet!
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