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Any people from london here?

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I'm thinking about spending new years eve in london this year.

I wonder if there any locals here, who know about interesting things to do there, around that time of the year?

Metta-Morpheus said:
Did you go? How was it?
Well, i wanted to do something special for my mothers 80th birthday, wich was the 2th of januari, and i thought of taking her to london and then it kinda makes sense to also include new years eve.

But unfortunately she was still not feeling well from an eye operation she'd had the week before, so she didn't realy want to go.

I felt realy bad about that. And also a bit stressed about the operation itself, because i was realy worried about her.

But fortunately she is doing fine now.
Glad to hear she’s doing well. Hopefully you guys can do a rain check. Are you from Europe? Or is a trip to London an epic hop over the pond?
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