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Any Reason 50 Grams of Lime is not enough for 100 of ACRB stb?

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I noticed you can get some litmus with a wide range up to 14.

And if the target and achievable PH with lime is 12-12.5.

It would be nice to know how much is really necessary to reach the Target upon which all the spice is relinquished?

Does anyone know this number...

Then with PH measuring one could figure out exactly how much Calcium Hydroxide/Pickling Lime was needed.

Why use any more than needed. Then more solvent gets used and more space taken up...

The only Tek I can find here calls for a minimum of 3/4 Lime to 1:1 Bark ratio...

That seems like a lot. Maybe 1/2 of that is sufficient...

Has any one tested the PH potential of Lime on Bark?

Thanks for your time...
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